2nd day at herburtpur workshop

2nd day of herburtpur workshop:-
This is most important day of our workshop. Dr. sachin sir gave us a form which contains some questions related to stammering. we have to interview these questions to our fellow pws members. As we know that talking on stammering makes us more sensitive and it is not an easy thing for us. i interviewed rajender sharma and vice versa. I feel very satisfactory after doing this thing.i shared my old bad memories of stammering with them. but after it, sachin sir tell us that now the same interview we have to take of unknown people. This thing is very hard for me but i accepted the challenge because other pws are very daring then why not me. we go to the hall of lehmen hospital where lot of people waiting for their names. I was in group of mr. Rajender sharma. first i watched him how he start the talk and handle the client. He is impressive in his talking. in that mean time, Sachin sir motivated us . Rambabu is most excited and ready to take more and more interview. then I go to one of the person . I think he is Muslim. first i asked some question about stammering to him, like does he know any stammer in his life. he doesn’t took interested on talk on this topic. then i changed my way of talking and add some humor to it. then he start to tell us more gently. when it finish i proud of me and feel very satisfactory. after this one of the daring task awaited for us. this time we have to announce that i am a stammer in a public hall. first time i was very shy but after watching others i also boost up. high beating touching the sky. it is really a very good experience for me.
after doing lunch , we finish watching the remaining part of unspeakable movie. this is very productive day. and now we don’t feel shy on talking about stammering. now if someone want to know what is stammering then we can give them a whole big lecture. i can never do these daring task alone . th th thank you dr. sachin and my friends .


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Umesh, we r all proud of u!

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great! Umesh, you have captured the day, the emotions and the highlights very well. Good description. I am waiting for 3rd day now 🙂

  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    I did leave a comment earlier but Blogger was down and my comment seems to have gone out into the Ionospehere :-)) and orbiting around earth now, I guess.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say a big Thank you to Umesh! This truly helps everyone involved with setting up a workshop like this.
    Keep writing.. This too is a part of healing process.


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