A few days ago, I read a post on TISA blog which inquired about scholarships on the basis of stammering. Dr. Akash replied that unless stammering is formally recognized as a handicap by the Government of India, scholarships couldn’t be granted. I also noticed a few comments which complained and fretted about the fact that Stammering is not identified as a handicap. I have an opinion on this…
Personally speaking, I do not endorse the idea and the need for stammering to be identified as a ‘handicap’. I feel it is ridiculous and a step backward by the PWS community. We, the PWS today are talking about acceptance and being accepted by the society the way we are. And to do this, we try to create awareness. We want society to give stammering it’s due. We don’t want the corporate to reject PWS candidates in job interviews purely on the basis of just stammering. That’s because we believe in our abilities and consider ourselves enough competent to make it big in our respective fields, despite our stammer. And we believe that stammering is not going to be any hindrance in the career paths of any profession. And by pleading for a ‘handicap’ status, we negate all this.
Stammering in India is not considered as a handicap, and we should be happy about this. It means others don’t look us differently and as having some disabilities. Then why are we forcing the world to believe that we are disabled, and need help and scholarships- just because we stutter? Do we want to see PWS given easy entries into colleges / IITs and IIMs and Government Jobs with relaxed cut-offs? Are we seeking sympathy and expecting the rules to be relaxed, because we stutter? How are we going to help ourselves with such a plea? In what way will it benefit us if we have reservations because of our stuttering?
Why should we be looking for Sympathy and Pity rather than looking for recognition and opportunities?
Opinions invited…

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    I partially agree with you Mr.Harish.
    If a PWS is 'normal' then why Indian Airforce avoids recruitment of a PWS on higher posts? Why do we see so many PWS failing in almost all interviews?
    Why they turn their face away in selecting a PWS for IAS,IFS and IPS cadre?
    Most of the PWS feels that software engineering /IT is the best shelter to earn their living.
    I can still remember all the pain and agony I had undergone while I was trying to get employed as a 'TEACHER' when my stammering was at the full fledge and sky high.
    I had to show I have best speaking skills while I couldn't even speak my name and give my intro.
    I don't blame anyone for this but there IS a discrimination between a PWS and a non-PWS when it comes to an interview and this condition still prevails.
    Just my thoughts.

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    A difficult question. Some of us truly feel handicapped by the problem- at least on some occasions, if not all the time. And I know of some employers, who will simply use "poor communication skills" to deny us our due promotion or selection- because unlike USA, there is no act for prevention of discrimination against people with disabilities- stammering in our case..
    May be we should request Dr Akash, to tell us about what other countries have a disability act providing protection to PWS..
    Actually, many PWS dont want special treatment- they just want the Interviewer to slow down, say that it is okay to stammer (to help us relax) and to offer the alternatives to talking at that moment (like writing down our answers if it is a very important and technical interview)etc..
    Yes, it is difficult to have unanimity, because we all stammer differently and to different degrees..But, as a community, I wish we could! Let the debate carry on in the meantime 🙂

  3. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    "Why should we be looking for Sympathy and Pity rather than looking for recognition and opportunities?"……very well said harish……..

    my question to windstorm is, "is it true that candidates are not selected for IAS,IPS,IFS cause of stutter?????" (anybody can reply cause)

  4. Akash 9 years ago

    I think we all agree that at least there should be no descrimination on the basis of stuttering. And most of have faced this in our life and unfortunately younger PWS will also face this at some point in their life. What can we do to prevent this? Will a demand for positive descrimination help? I don't know. One of my colleagues had commented where hearing about TISA, "I see, now that you have an organisation, you will soon demand reservation!"

  5. admin 9 years ago

    I personally believe stammering is a handicap and a much bigger handicap with literally no help available to most of the pws! I would be happy if there are better facilities at government hospitals before we talk about reservations! But I know the world is not ideal 🙂

  6. admin 9 years ago


    I don't mean that they've a strict instruction that 'NO PWS are allowed to be at Supreme civil services'.
    But we all know how hard and how heavy competition prevails in those high profile interviews.
    Even if we stumble on some point of our disucussiin then it's more then enough to be thrown.
    But looking positively, even some non-pws too stumbles in disscussions of interview.
    Also this whole scenario depends on the PWS himself , his/her intensity of stammering and much more……

    When a PWS gives any interview then most of the time he is misunderstood as a person who lacks confidence and sometimes knowledge too.

    Officially, As per my knowledge ONLY Indian Airforce says 'NO' to a PWS.

    While in other civil services or subordinate services they don't officially say 'NO' to a PWS.

    I would like to hear more from others if they've more knowledge regarding this.

  7. admin 9 years ago

    By the way, I would really be more then happy if some of you know anyone who is a PWS and at the same time serves at so called ' supreme civil services ' or some high profile subordinate services in India.


    @Rahul You can be next IAS officer and break the myths !! 😀

  8. admin 9 years ago

    Well personally I dont want a reservation,better would be to have special official seminars related to such disabilities,like in the west.
    The other thing is that it easy to imitate a stammer,all the actors do it perfectly and it will lead to a lot of chaos with wrong people getting the job,just like the caste system !!!!!!

    Ps-so what if its not easy for us to get a job,life is just not interesting enough without a challenge when everything is achieved without a little extra effort,and when you succeed,no matter how much time it takes the feeling is just awesome because you know you got what you wanted inspite of all the challenges !! You got the job because you had put in the hard work and not because of a reservation !!!!

  9. admin 9 years ago

    Some professions require fluency in speech due to the nature of responsibilities the employees are shouldered with. Due to this, for the benefit of the employer and the employees, there might be rejections based on stammering. The same may be true in case of Air Force. I don't see this as discrimination against stammering. BUT, in other professions, where the competency of the employee cannot be judged only by his speech or communication skills (like IT, electronics, mechanical, medicine and many more), denying someone a job / promotion is definitely discrimination and this is what we should be fighting for. As windstorm said, it's Air Force that is known to be saying 'NO' to PWS. We need to talk more and create awareness to break the myths of 'some' employers who tend to discriminate PWS. However there are other employers too who see their employees as an entire package, and not just their stammering.

    I don't agree IT is a shelter, as in IT we do require to speak a lot… But yes, getting employed as a TEACHER with stammering is difficult, and employers may well raise a doubt. But we also have a few Teachers in our community… There is a section of employers who discriminate PWS. But how is it going to help us if we have it easy by being identified as 'handicapped' ?

    @ WindStorm:

    We had a visitor in Goa Workshop from B'lore who is into civil services (Forest Officer). He spoke to some of the participants and told us that there are a few PWS who hold / held top positions in IAS, IPS or IFS.

  10. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    @windstorm, thanx for your motivaton………yes, may GOD give strength to all of us to break all the myths related to stammering.

  11. Anonymous 9 years ago

    I believe we should consider the level of stuttering. I have seen one professor who is fluent with his students but stumbles when he has to talk with high authority.
    In defense services, if we stuck in a condition where it could be danger for our or our colleagues' life. so it is understood if we get rejected.
    I am science graduate and wants to pursue as researcher but one of my faculty told me not to pursue PhD because of my stammering. He advised me to take a job which involves less talking which was frustrating and demotivating for me. I contacted professors in US too and I got reply that it could be hurdle too and it might deter for me to get admission in case competition is tight. However, he said me that SLP is available in some universities which could help me but it will be slightly difficult if I had to teach students as a part of training in PhD.
    I do not advocate for sole reservation but I believe awareness about stammering from normal people is needed and they have to accept us in various professions. They have to accept that it is o.k. to stammer even if one is political leader.

  12. admin 9 years ago


    Thanks for the info, mate.

    There may be many SEVERE PWS in India who find it damn hard to get employed.
    Stammering is like a snake in the grass for 'em.
    Probably, they may not even know about TISA or anything such.
    Anything to compensate for such PWS?

    At TISA, we discuss about the well-being of the whole PWS community and it's really great to see people visualizing their thoughts and expressing it.


  13. admin 9 years ago

    ya it was me who inquired about scholarship…but what's wrong in getting a scholarship for stammering when you can get scholarships for being a girl or being muslim or christian.

    Stammering always got the better out me, why not make use of it if i can. Though i'm not getting any college which offers such kind of a scholarship.

    and i don't like the way India treats stammerers. Because in reality we are dis fluent and we get treated in that way itself(most of us).

  14. admin 9 years ago

    and for getting admission through IELTS, i have to go through a speaking test,then of course the college interviews that will follow, don't you think that PWS should be protected against this or we should be treated as normal people and marked fail if we stammer.

  15. Anonymous 9 years ago

    when a person is constrained permanently to live his life normally is called a disability,and beleive me stammering is one big constraint which plays havoc with ur life,one only compromises becuase there's no other option,its high time society recognises this and give us reservations which is the best form of affirmative action.

  16. Abhinav 9 years ago

    I have seen this community about pws today.I am also a pws and works in a top IT company of india.I have strong and desire to be an IFS(Indian Foreign services).please,can anyone suggest me some clinic where i can be able to test my stammering level and know whether i would be able to clear interviews of IFS.

  17. Sachin 9 years ago

    Just go and see any SLP (Speech therapist) in a big Government hospital; they will assess you, counsel you – without charging mega-bucks..

  18. Anonymous 8 years ago

    It's hightime we(pws) people are not discriminated against,,, people might say different things but the fact of the matter is that, we are yet to get an equal status in our society,,, be it in job interview or anywhere.. we are not there in the top ranking jobs of india.. Can anybody tell me the name of any ias, ips, ifs, irs officer who with stammering had gotten himself into such high ranking job. Might be one or two. But why,,, are we not wiser or knowledgeble, then why are not we getting into such jobs… dont u think there is a clear cut and very apparent discrimination…

  19. jasmine fathima 7 years ago

    Please Friends Dont speak Rubbishs..
    If u have very high confidnce and positiv attitud u can clear IAS intrvw.. Because I done it

  20. Sachin 7 years ago

    Dear Jasmine- you could be a role model for many pws- would you like to share more about yourself and how you cracked IAS- and also, how severe is your problem btw- on this blog?
    Please feel free to send your post to info at stammer do in OR
    sachin at gmail dot com

    Thank you!

  21. unknown 7 years ago

    trust me guys , how can you have such a high self confidence when you know that you are going to stammer anyway ,i m not saying that stammerers should have quota or some sort of facilities that shows that we are not normal guys , and we should be treated in a different manner. i dont want anyone's sympathy or something like that . forget about interview , i cant even speak my name properly on the phone or either in front of someone , how am i supposed to crack the interviews of IAS, IPS , IFS etc . and one more thing for IPS, ihave read that stammerers can not be selected . i dont blame anyone , coz that makes no sense , we have been treated unfairly everywhere and this will continue till……. , no rules no disability sign on your head can prevent that or it might will make it even worse. i have suffered it a lot and it continues and will be ……..

  22. Anonymous 4 years ago

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  23. Srikanth 4 years ago

    I have done my MBA with 79.00% in 2013 80% in B.COM,84%in +2, and 86% in 10th board since then i have attended almost 100 interviews but due to my stammering problem i havent selected in single job if govt would have created certain concessions or benifits it would have very helpfull to me but it didnt

  24. Abhishek 4 years ago

    Guys im also preparing for civil services . im also worried about my selection . if any one of them has cleared any of the services please email me . abbieeshek@gmail.com. please help fellow PWS.


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