4th day at herburtpur workshop

hello to all….
4th at herburtpur workshop:-
This is the final day of our workshop because only 4 member are left now. but i really want to attend the workshop for all five days. but i was quite satisfied by my performance on the final day. on this day, we all play role in small drama. Sachin sir gave us a 2 page script . After reading it we have to memorize our dialogues and play our role. It seems to be easy but it is really very hard. Because in a play, there is always a pressure of delivering good dialogue and emotions. sometime it is hard to remember that what we have to speak and when. but after taking 2 or more takes we delivered it very well. the audience claps for us. really nice feeling because we people always fear from these type of stage activities since from our childhood. the best thing of Sachin sir today is that he provide us a situation to talk with the females. it is very nice to tell them that we are stutter and they are more soft than men on this topic.
After this, we have to prepare ourselves for an mock interview. we provide a short resume to sachin sir and he gave this to the faculty of interviewer panel. at this time , i was quite open about my stammering and does’t feel any fear about facing the interview. and when i go to the interview panal and i found that i am so much normal and giving answers so much soflty, slowly and without blockage by using simply bouncing. Interviewers was quite impressive with me. At last,i ask them their feedback. they said” you are quite clear in your thoughts, you have good leadership qualities but one thing of your is not good to listen. i ask what. they told me that when someone ask you that what is your weakness then never say them that your stammering is your weakness like today you said. instead of it ,you can say that my stammering is my best strength. these lines quite impress me and i am very thankful to this supporting staff that remind me such important thing in my life that i almost have forgotten. stammering is not a weakness of ourselves, it is our strength if we take it in a positive manner.
At last we make a some chat with sachin sir and ask our personal questions. In the evening , we step out for our destination. but this time we were not alone. we had packed with good memories and nice friends .we promised each other to be in touch.
Thanks to all friends and dr. sachin who show us a light to come out from a dark cave.
now we became a member of large tisa family. we all hope that we attend at least one another full workshop in presence of sachin sir. th th thank you and b b bbye.
my name is umesh rawat and i am a person who stutter.


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dear Umesh, thanks again for your valuable feedback. Now, do one thing- go back and read your first post and then this last one. And notice the difference. In my estimate- in just 3/4 days, your writing style has undergone a clear change. You are thinking clearly and writing it down with clarity. And if you persist in writing, your thinking and talking- both will improve dramatically. THIS is the reason, I encourage IPWS to write!

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Along with the change in your writing skill, I can c a big change in ur attitude towards u and ur stammer!! Keep marching forward…We may be having a workshop in chandigarh soon. I would be so happy, if u can join us!


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