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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    I talked about stammering (mine and in general) with strangers..
    I wrote a blog and called it "haklana.blogspot" !!
    With a group of PWS, we laughed, joked and called each other "Hakla"..(an exercise in TISA communication workshop)..
    Interviewed many beautiful ladies about what they thought about stammerers (and actually stammered)!
    Many many things, i did and now looking back, I realize that they were not so difficult after all..
    You can do the same..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Took on my fears head-on! Used to travel alone every saturday and sunday in what ever bus I could get into! Roam around in Pune! Talk to conductor, store owners and every body I could get hold of. It was hot, it was uncomfortable, I WAS AFRAID but did it anyhow for more than 6 months. Didn't buy a personal vehicle in Pune, so was made to travel by public transport!

  3. admin 9 years ago

    i have come out of my home…had visited a school to educate children on stammering…
    go everyday to market to buy even smalest of things and talk with bouncing..
    in colege made fun of mysel by caling myself as hakla baba…
    introduced myself everytime with a statement that i stammer…
    talkd to girls and higher authorites of stamrng…

  4. Sachin 9 years ago

    Asit if you are doing those things and can PERSIST for 6 month, I assure you, you will be out of the HOLE!
    Keep at it and keep sharing..

  5. admin 9 years ago

    I used to(and still do) talk openly about stammering at TISA blog.

    When I've to see a doc or some lawyer or some official I try to tell beforehand that I stammer.

    I talk over phone without thinking of stammering.

    I try to speak a difficult word purposefully to challenge myself and I feel happy and peace-at-mind to find that my stammering doesn't affect anything. Things go as it must be. (some time it is not so but it's ok).

    I laugh with others when they make fun of my stammering. It's difficult but I'm trying my best.

    I don't keep thinking about my stammering throughout the day which I used to do before a year or two.

    As every single day passes I'm starting to feel that life has much more then JUST stammering.

    Stammering is slowly fading away fro, being my centre of attention.

    But I also admit that sometimes things go wrong and we feel bad or too low about our stammering but then we must hurry up to come out of that stammering and it's dreadful 'hang over'.

    No matter about our stammering, 'The show (of life) must go on!!!!!'

    The time will come when our spirit may start shaking but try to gain the original momentum. The more sooner you gain your original momentum , the more you will find yourself at the ease and progressive….

  6. Zeshan Ahmed 9 years ago

    i do nothing new for my stammering today… but just tried to talked everyone in bouncing… many times i hesitated but didn't feel it… i went to my academy and there also tried to talk in bouncing and prolongation… but many times it was in vain. … but i am happy that i tried to do it…
    i observe that when ever i tried to talk gently and using bouncing and prolongation tachniches then i felt very good…
    sir Sachin u r really great… :
    ))) thanx every one…..

  7. admin 9 years ago

    To reduce fear, i talk to the new people but i always feel shame to talk in bouncing and prolongation techniques because if my talk start quite normal then i managed it soft and block free. but now I make calls to customer care and ask query to them in bouncing.
    i talk to the pws friends in bouncing. i talk on the stammering openly and share my hidden emotion no one make fun of us .we people makes fun of ourselves . i also want to talk to you mr. asit . i think your are very daring person and it will be a nice chat of two

  8. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Hi Sachin,
    I am very new to this community,
    Could youo tell what is Bouncing technique? This might help me..

    Hemanth BJ


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