change in my feelings

H h hh hello to all….
There was a time before 6-7 months, when i hate the word stammer or hakla . i feel vibration if someone talk in a stammering manner . i never talk to this topic. i know that i am also a stammerer but i think that if i accept this negative fact then i will be completely fall in the well of stammering. i always try to escape me from the stammering situations . sometimes when i perform well and make some impression, i thought that now i am out of this well and now after sometime my life will be quite normal . but it’s not occur every time , sometimes difficult situation faced by me and i struggled so badly then my worst day start automatically . i again fell in my stammering well and more deep every time. it makes me upset every time and divert my mind from other important things of life .
But these days, situation is completely changed , i struggled more now but i does not take all this on my heart. if some one ask me, do you have some problem in speaking then i can say confidently that i am a stammer and i cant speak fluently every time . i can go independently everywhere, like the struggling situations to face . Speaking with eye contact is not easy but if we persist with it then the listener never dare to make fun of us . I missed many friends in my life because my nature was not so much talky but i thank to god that he give me so much PWS friends and we help each others with open heart. T th th thanks to dr. sachin and all tisa members . It is time of rising us.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “change in my feelings


    (May 19, 2011 - 11:32 am)

    Dear Umesh
    You are right. about 3 years back, when I began writing about stammering, I preferred "PWS" and even wrote a justification for this (instead of using the common word- stammerer). Now, after 3 years, I feel that it does not MATTER to me whether someone calls me PWS or stammerer or hakla. This is a beautiful state of mind, where "labels", that world uses have become unimportant and the reality of myself, remains unhampered and undiminished by the world..
    May God bless you with the same consciousness- free and fearless. Carry on with your explorations..


    (May 19, 2011 - 7:05 pm)

    thanks sachin sir. your comments always valuable for me.This encourage me to write more 🙂

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