Stop preying on desperate people in distress..

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Dear Friends
TISA has received a complaint from a young IPWS and therefore started
a campaign against Stammering Cure Center, Banglore, run by Mr Partho
Bagchi, an ex Accountant. He claims that he has cured thousands and he
can cure any kind of stammering under two weeks.
Here is the link to our protest:

India is full of such unethical people who prey on the desperation and
misery of stammerers. It is time they changed their ways. TISA will be very grateful if you can share/promote this link, spread the word, and help us get more information on SCC. Feel free to ask any questions..


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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Shocking! At last, one PWS has decided to stand tall and speak the "unspeakable"..
    Bravo! man, keep it up..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    speech therapist really making people fool . today medical science is so much advance but still there is no definite cause or cure of stammering found. sanjib talukeder must get his high earning money if partho bagchi not able to cure him. we are stammers so everyone cant think us weak. these all challenges are fake . we all must stand up to these type of speech therapist.

  3. Anonymous 9 years ago

    But.. how do we prove that he is FAKE. He may bring some fluent speakers and tell the world that fallna person was cured by me in the yr say 2004.

    But.. we don't challenge we will die in silence. The genuine 'HAKLA' community is with TISA..
    JAI HO!!

  4. Sachin 9 years ago

    One man with courage- Sanjib in this case- is enough to prove that Partho Bagchi is doing unethical things: he claims that he cures any type of stammering under two weeks. This is why young people go to him. And he does not refund- So, who is making the money through false claim?it is so clear..

  5. ramesh 9 years ago

    I was decided to join SCC again after 3 years.. but Now i have doubt on SCC. I was joined SCC in 2008… But due to some problems, i did not follow their techniques… What should i do to cure my stammering ? 🙁

  6. admin 9 years ago

    Speaking like a robot in his "clinic" is no cure!! I don't know when will PWS stop lamenting themselves and see that its not just their fault but of the therapist who doesn't know anything about stammering and is just asking u to speak realllllllllllyyyy slowly! He doesn't know what communication is all about ? Shame on you Mr Bagchi…Haam apko haklane walon ki biradari se bedkhal kartain hain!!

    Very soon, we may also have to look for filing consumer cases against these swindlers!

  7. admin 9 years ago

    It's shameful that people want to earn bucks by taking benefit of distressed and helpless people.
    There are other ways too, to fill the pockets.

  8. Anonymous 9 years ago

    It is true that his claim to cure 100 % is not correct but for severe stammerers and some people it is of somewhat help. There are some people who cured almost 100 % from this treatment.
    I attended his course and I gained fluency upto 90 % but then when I encountered with outside world, after 3-4 months, I started stammering slightly. However, it is true that if I manage to speak slowly, less stammering occurs so I used to speak with other pws in slow manner who attended the same course.
    He earns lot of money because he charges a lot and he claimed in front of us that he gave material to Rakesh Roshan to cure Hritik Roshan but everybody knows that Hritik had taken treatment in nanavati hospital and so he donated money to that hospital.
    Overall, I belive who has no hope for stammering cure and who is able to shell out can join once the center.

  9. Sachin 9 years ago

    @ Ramesh: I would advise- go to a SLP in a Government hospital. Do a 10 day free Vipassana course. Or join Brahma Vidya. Or do what Asit is doing as self-help(just check this blog). Or join one of TISA communication workshops. So many options are there. So much Self-help material is out there on internet for free.. If you still want to WASTE your money, do go to SCC, but please do write a review for TISA afterwards ! 🙂

    @Anonymous: Thank you so much for being forthcoming, objective and truthful. Why cant Partho be the same? forthcoming, objective and truthful like you? Is it too much to expect from him just because he has set up a SHOP? Doesn't the professional ethics applicable to medical doctors, apply to him?
    This is what TISA is promoting. Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts. Feel free to write more..

  10. Anshul 9 years ago

    I am one of the victims of Bagchi. While he may have "cured" himself (at least that's what he claims and I didnt find him stammering so giving benefit of doubt), he is simply taking advantage of fellow PWS. His techniques are stupid (speaking in pathetically slow pace) and doesnt pay personal attention to any of his clients. He has hired some 8th-9th fail employees responsible for teaching breathing techniques (now what the f is this?)Also, he is not a qualified SLP so not sure how can he can even practice? (Sachin – what do you think?)
    My suggestion to young PWS is to avoid getting trapped in Bagchi's false claims/commitments. Beware!!

  11. Anonymous 9 years ago

    If you check his website, he tries to emotionally blackmail both the pws and his parents..From the website itself u can say that he is nothing but a CROOK and SWINDLER who is interested in LOOTING people

  12. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Sorry to be a spoilt sport here but I have attended his classes , they have been very helpful and still use his cd for practising…Dr Bagchi himself is a stammer and his techniques are very practical…let's be sure of starting a campaign diluting his image only if we have strong consistent feedback or experience …end of day practise makes a man perfect , remember kings speech ….

    Happy to have a healthy online discussion

    Pawas Anand

  13. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Yes, Practice is helpful. But if there is a cure in 2 weeks, as his website claims prominently, why do you need practice at all? That is the claim which attracts and fools people.
    If a MD doctor claimed, cure of Malaria in 2 weeks, and you had to continue having a little fever for rest of your life..will you accept it?
    Yes, Stammering and Malaria are different- and THAT difference is not being acknowledged by SCC.

  14. Sudheendran 9 years ago

    I haven’t attended his course and hence I won't be able to comment on the effectiveness of his therapy but I have interacted with him and have bought his book and my experience is given below.
    Around 5 years back, I saw his advertisement and went to his website. I was not impressed by his claims and could understand that he was also following the same techniques of prolongation and 'slow speaking' as taught by any other speech therapist. He had advertised about a book written by him (I think it was 'Stammering a sure cure' but not sure as I don’t have it with me right now.) in his website and he had mentioned that if the cost of the book was paid, he would send the book without charging the postal expenses. I thought of buying it and sent a mail to him to know more and he told me to pay the cost of the book and also the postage expenses. I was surprised and sent a reply to him to know why he had advertised in his website that he would send it without charging the postage, for which he didn’t respond. In the end I bought it though a relative of mine. The book doesn’t suggest any new method and is really not readable. It is full of grammatical mistakes. He should have at least got it edited by somebody who is good in English.

    After some time, I moved to Bangalore and in the Bangalore SHG, I met some people who had attended his course. I got mixed reviews about him. Some people told his course was good and some told they didn’t get much benefit.

  15. admin 9 years ago

    I have met Dr.Bagchi in person hence find it hard to believe that he will fool people but if someone has experienced the same, then Dr.Bagchi is at fault.

    Even if Dr.Bagchi is speaking like a 'robot', its his style. Pardon me but lets respect elders and not make fun of his style, after all he is a fellow stammer as well.

    Self awakening is very important guys so please think from your mind and don't fall into any trap to repent later on. We only know of Sanjib's story but lets take a balanced view rather an emotional one.

    Everyone has a unique technique / story / experiences to share that does not mean that it will work for everyone.

    All the so called speech therapist also claim that they can cure what about them ? My 8 yr old daughter also stammers, I have used Dr.Bagchi' techniques and she is so much better.

    Last but not the least lets continue to raise our voice against ppl who claim 'Sure Cure' however lets not forget we can educate them as well in this journey, they can learn something from us. Next time I am in Bangalore I will make sure that I meet Dr.Bagchi and give him this feedback.

  16. Anonymous 9 years ago

    ..From my past personal experience of 40 years (I have been in the same
    situation as Sanjib and fully empathize with him) I can say that
    stammering can be controlled and not cured.
    After going through the rounds of speech therapy in my college days –
    the only methods which have helped me have been learnt by me for almost
    free and not incurring a lakh of rupees as Sanjib did.

    I learnt Vipassana (10 days meditation course) which is taught totally free with lodging, boarding and training of meditation exercise and Brahmavidya for only Rs.750.

    Both these techniques have helped me to control my stammering and attain
    a near fluency state…

  17. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Dear Sir

    I have also face the same before.We should take some serious legal action against them.

    Vaibhav Talegaonkar

  18. Sudheendran 9 years ago

    Let me add some more points to my previous post. I checked my previous mails and found the conversation I had with Mr. Bagchi. The book I bought was indeed 'Stammering a Sure Cure'. He had advertised the amount as Rs. 160/- in his web site at that time and in his mail, he demanded Rs.180/-. He did not explicitly mention that it was for postage. I assumed it was for postage and sent a reply to him asking why there was a change as he had mentioned that postage would be free. He didn't respond to this mail. It happened on 12 April 2005.

  19. Sachin 9 years ago

    Nice discussion! Thanks everyone. Just had an email from Prakhar. Yes, TISA does not want SCC option to be removed. We just want unscientific and unethical advertising to go and Sanjib to be compensated. Sanjib is a victim of that advertising.
    My position is: SCC makes world (and parents) believe that Stammering is a simple problem, which can be cured in 2 weeks. So, when we stammer, the world concludes: He must be too lazy to practice the techniques. OR he just does not care and talks carelessly Or He just refuses to spend Rs 9000 to learn the techniques. As a result, it might be easier to live in society as a blind, lame or deaf person- but not as a stammerer. Is this fair? and what are you going to do about it?

  20. Shalin Jain 9 years ago

    It's really good that there are people out there to help PWS. Even if they charge something for it, it's fine. Because if helping people is a source of their livelihood, accepted. You should charge (though reasonably, and not rip off PWS' in the name of portraying stammering as a handicap) because you shall be having a family to feed. But like all of us, I'm completely against of making false claims like "Cure to Stammering in 2 weeks", "100% cure to stammering", etc. etc. That's a bad act. You are exploiting someone helplessness. No matter then even if it's for one person. One wrong or 100 wrongs – a wrong act is a wrong act. If that is what Mr. Parto Bagchi has done, he is wrong. Completely wrong. And one can't justify it by citing the other set of instances where our fellow PWS' have been benefited.

  21. Vinay 9 years ago

    @Pawas Anand : Dr. Bagchi??
    Has he done PhD or Medical degree??
    I have attended his course in Bangalore…. Why he mentions 2 weeks…. and then says practice for 7-8 months… And then Such a high fees…

  22. Sachin 9 years ago

    I have attended his course in Bangalore in 2009
    My views :
    1. 2 Weeks cure is False…
    2. Fees Charge is much High
    3. I have not found it effective…. Once cannot speek so slowly under normal talk….
    and also…
    many ppl call him Dr. Bagchi?? WHy… he is not doctor… I have doubbt whether he shuld be allowed to run a cure center or not??
    But if it had helped someone… then its good for them…. but sure cure in 2 weeks mention is false…

    Vinai (to sachin)

  23. Anonymous 9 years ago

    dear sachin sir i my self rakesh from hyderabad.i had attended the partha bagchi sir scc course in jan is more effective than any other course.and partha bagchi sir is more helpful than any other person in the world.he is also giving fees concession for poor people.why are you simply blaming him.he dedicated his life for stammering free india.he is not making money,helping the people.he is charging the fees for paying the rent of the centre.his techniques are more effective.pls give me answer.

  24. Anonymous 9 years ago

    dear sachin sir this is rakesh from hyd.more over your bouncing technique is bad because you again introducing the bad habit of stammering rather than curing it.if hrithik roshan and so many famous ex stammerers cured there stammer why cant we cure it.we can definitely cure it by sincere practice.the people who wrote partha bagchi is false,please ask them whether they followed and practiced techniques properly or not.we have to practice them daily for atleast six months.please answer me for above question

  25. Sachin 9 years ago

    @Rakesh from Hyderabad
    Dear Rakesh, Ritik in that famous interview is not claiming that his stammering is cured. He is only indicating that he is able to control his stammer. This is what Sanjib too is saying. Why promise cure in 2 weeks, when you can only teach "controlling" stammering through life long practices..?
    We do not charge any fee for conducting communication workshop. Only logistics has been contributed to in SOME of our workshops. We teach much more than bouncing- and we dont claim that you will be cured in 2 weeks. We also offer post workshop support. If you did a little research on internet you will find that "cure" has been used by many only to fool people. Remember ads like "Cure stammer under 9 minutes" and the Indian guy behind it, who lived in canada, in a house with swimming pool?

  26. Anonymous 9 years ago

    @Rakesh, Hyderabad
    Rakesh, can you just honestly share one thing: has the SCC course in Jan 2011 CURED your stammering?

  27. Vinay 9 years ago

    @Rakesh Hydrabad :
    Plz tell its now 4 months since u had ur course…. means 2 weeks at center and 4 months of practice… So how much in percentage have u gain fluency…. Plz tell.

  28. Anonymous 9 years ago

    What I find is there are mixed responses about SCC. I have also attended the course and got 50 % improvement but maintaining slow speed is sometime difficult for me.

    however, when I was to join the center, I contacted two fellows on orkut who joined the program 4-5 years back. One of said me"What is stammering?" He means that he cured upto that level that he forgets what stammering is. I have also found few people at the center who frequently visited that place because they live in bangalore itsef and they found more help from this course and had faced interviews, GD and got jobs.

    But the fact is that there are 20-30% people who got help otherwise rest others did not find any help and their claim to reduce stammering in 15 days itself is wrong. He said that we have to follow for 8 months.

    So, finally, I believe that the course helps some pws and to say they cure spontaneously is not correct. How that spontaneity comes suddenly after the very moment they joined the course. It is known that not a single treatment works universally for all PWS. This treatment given by Mr.Partho Bagchi works for minor fraction of pws.

  29. deepak 9 years ago

    The person who knows the pain of being a stammerer will charge minimal or free….this problem is controllable but not curable…

  30. Anonymous 9 years ago

    I don't want to comment personally on Partha Bagchi…..but his so called ' institution' & techniques wasted 6 to 7 very, very precious years of my life.

    I used to practice with dedication but with no improvement

    I blamed myself for it that I won't have been practicing hard enough or would be doing it wrongly.

    And the guilt of it was so bad that it ruined my life….blaming my self every time.. until i realized that there was a lot more to stammering than just vocal exercises & long lengthening style

  31. Partho Bagachi is not a Speech Therapist.He is an accountant.No one speech therapist/Speech language Pathologist (SLP) having degree from University and Certified by RCI are making accountant Bagachi like claim.

  32. Kunjeshwor 9 years ago

    I was also planning to go to Banglore form Nepal because there he claimed of the sure treatment. But now I understood that the statement is not correct. I just want to request to Mr. Bagchi to be truth to yourself and to all the stutters like you. Please, filter your website with the truth words. If you being a stutter cheat us then who will help us?

  33. Ankit Sharma 8 years ago

    heyyy should I go there to cure myself?? I have one doubt in my mind..he is a CA.Sky is the limit of CA's income why will he cheat others???

  34. admin 8 years ago
  35. Anonymous 7 years ago

    i join the bagachi sir workshop in 2012 but not cured ,please sir return my money ,please tisa help me try my stammering ,gaurav

  36. Madhu B 5 years ago

    I have taken training from Partha bagchi in 2011, He claimed he cured thousands of stammers is wrong. His techniques are good but it wasn't helped me to cure stammer. Its group training.he should have take personal care. Please go to any professional speech therapist I am planning go…will give you feed back.

  37. Sandeep S 4 years ago

    Please tell ,,i need to join the class ,,whether to join or no ,,cos I saw his website so much excited to go ,nd get cured but after your commenns now don't knw wht should I do !!!


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