Is there a cure?

Can Partho Bagchi cure stammering? Is he cured himself?
Sadly, answer to both questions is NO. Please watch the video testimony of an ex-client of SCC. This testimony emphasises that it is better to go for a trained SLP, Yoga, Meditation, self-help group etc. than to waste money at SCC, Banglore, chasing the promised cure. Talking in a medium lengthening style is an act of CONTROL not CURE.
Stammerers are very polite people. They dont want to offend anyone. But by keeping quiet, they encourage many young desperate stammerers to sink their hard cash at SCC. There is no refund policy; there is no grievance redressal mechanism at SCC.
There are cases who improve on their own (spontaneous recovery) in natural world. Such people may go to X or Y and sincerely believe that they were CURED by X or Y. But what about 99% who are not helped and who keep quiet? There is great need to be OBJECTIVE rather than polite or ‘ever grateful’ to a particular therapist.
Again, SCC is giving franchisee on the techniques, which have been invented by Partho Bagchi, as per the website. This is highly unethical. Everything SCC teaches has been known to SLP teachers, Yoga practitioners, Psychologists and others for a long time. Let SCC disprove it- and then sell it.
Some time back, while conducting a TISA Communication workshop in Kolkata, I happened to be talking to one of SCC students. He too said that Partho Bagchi still stammers. This is perfectly FINE by me. I accept my stammer and others’ stammer as well. But misleading young PWS is NOT fine. Why did he not talk to him (Mr Partho) about this? Well, he thought: Let me just focus on my own cure… This student too had attended more than one course at SCC and had not benefited at all.
By keeping quiet, whom do we benefit? whom do we harm?


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