Herbertpur SHG meeting

Many kids and adults were there today. Vaibhav, Arpit, Amit, Jassi, Mannu and Gurpreet; Their parents and rest of the gang- Pawan, Jagdish, Nishant, Mukarram, Vineet, Aman…and yes, Dr Kshitiz.
At one point we had to divide in 2 groups and fortunately Pawan was there to help with one group, while I dealt with kids. I did some vocalization exercises with kids, then we practiced a slow song (itni shakti hame dena data..)- then we played some vigorous games..story telling and.. and..
Pawan put the adults through their paces- gently but firmly: they played a game where they had to ask questions.. Then a mini talk round.. then, talking frankly about stammering.. We concluded with a round of speaking from the dais..
Two hours were gone in a blink and kids still wanted to talk, sing and dance.. A very fruitful session. We adults can learn a lot from children- provided we are open to the magic..


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Dear sir,
    you did a good job by introducing story telling as a part.
    i think story telling(may or may not be related to stammering) must be included in every session,as it will help to control the emotions that adds to the distortion of faces and other behaviours..
    From my own experience i could say that while simply talking one may manage their sounds but while telling a story there is lots of emotions involved which if we can control helps to great extent in changing the stuttering mindset

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Amazing! Looks like I will have to come to Herbertpur soon to attend one of ur SHG meets. By the number of participants it looks like a workshop :-)..By the way what was the reason behind so many attendees ? Is stuttering back in fashion ?


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