Herbertpur group meets

We met again in Anugrah, this Sunday (May 30, 2011). There were four children, who did not stammer, but came- just because they found TISA meeting fun and also, I guess, in solidarity with one child who stammered. Fortunately JP was here, so it was possible to divide in two groups- and take the kids and their parents out for some games, while JP dealt with the rest of the main group.
It was a mixed group- every one had a different level of difficulties, came from a differnt back ground and had different expectations from the self help group. This can be a challenging situation for any facilitator- but not for JP !! He is good at guessing people’s needs correctly and promptly devising suitable activities for them. And he makes them truly interactive, fun and energetic.
One of the activities today was- making 5 minute formal presentation on a topic. Raju spoke about Pericarditis! JP presented on Software based Telephone exchange solutions. Sachin shared about Female feticide, falling Child sex ratio etc. Nishant spoke about cotton cloth (he works as a salesman in a cloth shop). Mukarram spoke about the economics of running a village grocery shop.

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    (May 30, 2011 - 4:20 pm)

    Herbertpur SHG reports are always fun to read! And yes… it's even more fun when JP is the facilitator…. He really makes it interactive…

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