Confusion about bouncing in real world

I learnt bouncing from herburtpur workshop and I think that I’ll start it in real life also, because it provide us to speak the hard words with ease and I enjoyed it. But now it seems so much a tuff work for me “to use bouncing”. Sometime I start bouncing and it getting worse and words become so much difficult to speak with it. It can only be used in a controllable manner. I use bouncing with my pws friends and enjoyed a lot it there. But I don’t know what happens to me when it comes to use with real people. Is I m still afraid that of people’s reaction? Perhaps no .
The reason is sometime I started bouncing with others and it doesn’t goes comfortable as I thought (I like bouncing if I do it with my control) and again I feared to using it . And one more thing we cant get such environment where we can use bouncing as we want, because non-stutter don’t have so much time. We have to bounce only 2or 3 times not more. Some time ago I start talking on the phone with bouncing on the word hello. This time hello is most fearful word for me . But one or two times when I was bouncing on the word hello, I struggled badly then after this I also afraid of using bounce on that word . Sometimes nothing work to speak out that word. Now I totally stuck on the world hello. Now I am analyzing what happen to my mind when there is someone other side of phone and I totally stuck . Can anyone help me what the thing I have to try to get out of this hoorible “hello”.


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Teething troubles! Yes, coming out of stammering is like learning a new language (and its emotions)- like learning French or Tamil.. Takes lot of time, practice and conducive atmosphere..
    For "hello"- phone us and intentionally stammer on "Hello".. and report your findings here..
    Onwards Brave soldier!

  2. admin 9 years ago

    thank you sir. i know i have capabilities to get out of h h hello.

  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    Umesh, bouncing in real world IS difficult but this is what we ensure during our workshops- and this is why, it is necessary that you attend 3-4 workshops over next 1-2 years.. Remember it is a long process- and goal is not CURE, but better communication..forward, effortless, gentle holding back..
    So, do attend Chandigarh workshop and tell them in the first session- what you have already covered, and what you need to deal with now..


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