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Dear Friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting held on 12.06.2011 at YWCA were attended by 15 PWS including 5 new PWS.
As usual, everyone introduced themselves and spoken about problems faced due to stammering and speech therapy attended if any.
Everyone has agreed that after attended speech therapy, they have spoken fairly well in the 3 months and stammering relapsed again. One PWS asked what is the exact reason for this?. To my opinion, this is lack of motivation and discontinue therapy after some month due to various reasons.
In my case, after attending speech therapy in the year 2000, I practiced continuously for the next 6 months and I almost spoken fairly well. Then I fell sick for 15 days and I could not practiced which resulted relapse of stammering that too very badly. I felt very depressed and stopped the therapy (I did not knew about acceptance of stammering at that time. Dr.Sachin may elaborate on this, as this question is being asked by all the PWS who had attended some speech therapy.
Then I requested the old members to tell about their improvements after attending so many SHG meetings. All have informed that they are now less worried about stammering thus most of the fear gone which resulted speaking better.
As usual, young and new PWS are not agreeing for “accepting” our stammering and further asked if they accepted stammering means, no need to attend SHG meeting.
I explained about the in-depth meaning of acceptance and informed that we have to do something emotionally also to overcome stammering and acceptance is only the beginning and not the end. PWS have to identify the best suitable method and practice regularly after accepting stammering, which will give very good result.
The following are some of the discussions made during the above meeting.
One PWS has informed that, Ihe stopped wearing watch for the past 6 years for fearing of telling time to others. I advised him to wear watch now and face the fear you afraid of.
Another PWS has informed that his wife is not permitting to attend SHG meetings, as he has not shown much progress in his speech. I replied that these are all some of the natural forces working against us and requested inform to his wife that he is feeling comfortable in attending SHG meetings and one day he will speak well.
Another poor PWS has resigned his job for want of money for his mother’s treatment and attending meeting regularly.
One old member has informed that before joining this group, he afraid of getting married due to stammering. After seeing so many married PWS, he now changes his mind and searching for a girl.
I stressed about the importance of meditation and meditated for 10 min. I also informed that though, morning meditation will give more benefit, it is also helpful if you do 5 to 10 min meditation for any few times a day.
At last some of us sang some songs for the sake of fun.
That’s all from Chennai chapter.
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Post Author: Sachin

4 thoughts on “From Chennai, with love..


    (June 13, 2011 - 4:53 pm)

    Nice to read this report. Some of the things were shocking… like a PWS leaving a job, stop wearing watch, being scared of marriage! These are some of the facets of stammering that can be seen only in an SHG.

    Mr. Manimaran is doing a commendable job with Chennai SHG… Accolades to all the members… You all have shown great courage in coming out and speaking there !


    (June 13, 2011 - 4:56 pm)

    Great to see a post from Chennai. Thats y SHGs are so important. You get so many different perspectives of looking at the same situation and so many solutions!


    (June 16, 2011 - 5:48 am)

    I think we need to start a parallel group for wives- otherwise they will make it difficult for us to conduct our groups.. any ideas? 🙂

    Ayyanarappan Sakthivel

    (September 5, 2013 - 7:36 am)

    my name is Ayyanarappan from pondicherry.
    i suffered stammer in child hood age onwards. now my age 46.i was voluntry retired private company.
    i wish to join association(TISA)
    kindly send formality to my mail
    cell 9894787705

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