I Have Stopped Taking Nonsense

This is regarding an incident that happened when I was at my training a month back.I was talking to a senior (not a senior really,he has done a two year diploma and hence started working 2 years before me,he is like 6 months older than me) about how I had to give a presentation at college after my training is complete.The senior jokingly replied-“You would be like this !!!!” and then started to imitate  my stammer.Now earlier if ever such incident happened ,I used to be silent and bear with it at that moment and then keep thinking about it for the rest of the day drenched in an amalgam of self pity and self loathing !!!!!But now I just replied-“Atleast I know how to give a presentation in English(he doesnt know a word of English) and better still atleast I know how to make a power point presentation !!!! Now for the record,I would never say such thing to him ordinarily but this situation was different.My senior went blank for like 5 seconds and another guy sitting next to me gave me a look that said-“Well done dude !!!”
The best thing I liked about the incident was dat I didnt allow myself to become a victim but instead took control of the situation.And it felt good,really really good !!! And the good thing was we started normally again after a while like nothing had happened.No self pity for me today,just a feeling that I can take care of myself.
Now a lot of people would say that it was a wrong thing on my part to reply back in such a manner but my motto from that day is-“Never make fun of anyone’s problems or shortcomings but dont allow anyone to do the same to you as well !!!Face up to the few jerks you encounter !!!!”
One thing more that I desire to adopt in my life is that after facing a situation bravely I forget all about it and live in the present(just like our very own desi Eckhart Tolle J.P. Sir says)I am trying to work on that.

Well,I am open to criticism on my behavior whether positive or negative.So please feel free to leave any comments and better still leave suggestions on what you might have done in a similar situation !!!!! See Ya !!!

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    great dhruv….. u had handled situation very well …ur so called senior must know it is not easy to target ones problem ..and finally u accepted all situation by Eckhart way, really dhruv i like the way u stand and replied ……g8t bro

  2. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Hi Dhruv, I deeply appreciate you taking such a great step which will encourage you go ahead in your life. It's really great that you did not run away from the situation and grasped the opportunity to speak up. You have crossed the border line of fear and faced the fear on the face of it. And there is a good proverd that "Dar ke aage Jeet Hai" and you got the victory. May be for normal people, it's a very small thing but for us, it's a great achievment. If that time, you had taken your steps back, you would not have overcome your fear. I really congratulate you for being a winner.

    With best wishes and regards

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Great Dhruv! There is no "one good way" to live your life. Bullies are generally cowards. You just need to standup and you will see them running away most of the times. Also you did what you felt right at that time and moved on. I wish all of us could live like that. Life is so simple! 🙂

  4. Sachin 8 years ago

    Dhruv- you were perfectly right- seen from any perspective, I can think of. Dont even have a doubt about that. More of us should be doing this..
    In fact, if that "senior" has slightest sense, he would apologize and thank you for stopping him from indulging in bad behavior..

    It is easy to live entire life in a Victim mentality- blaming, world, parents, bullies, teachers, employers etc. etc. But it is equally possible to snap out of that mindset of "helplessness", by taking one single step- and take control of your destiny. There is no "therapy" like this one! Great!
    Keep sharing your thoughts and experiments..

  5. Vinay 8 years ago

    Dhruv : I am against such response. By responding in that manner u are presenting urself as if such things can affect u. U should have told " Sir, even though I stammer, I am presenting my report. If u cannot appreciate that then please don't make fun of it." Something like this… without going into the weakness of that guy.

  6. admin 8 years ago

    Thank you all for the comments nad your faith in me,it really keeps me going !!!

    @Vinay-Like I said I would never target his shortcomings normal situation,but the truth it does affect me when someone makes fun of my stammer,I have not yet reached that much maturity that I can take the high road in such a situation,maybe I will able to do that in course of time ,and also I wanted to give him a piece of his own medicine on how it feels when someone makes fun of your shortcomings,anyhow I appreciate your comment


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