Chandigarh Workshop-My Take

This is an informal piece about the whole workshop depicting my personal views.
I will start with the facilitator Mr Jai Prakash Sunda.Always a smile on his face and loads and loads of patience.Not once during the entire workshop he lost his cool or had a hint of temper.he organized the whole workshop single-handedly which I think is commendable.Also he always had complete control over the group despite being very polite and made sure everyone participated equally in all activities.Another thing that I liked that he listened to everyone’s views patiently and with great interest never patronizing anybody.And he was the first person to reach the venue everyday.But I think he needs to be more strict regarding punctuality of other members.Also the time management aspect needs a little tuning.Other than that I cant find any fault.
Now I will give my feedback of the whole workshop.I will not talk about the positive things as they are many and it will take hours typing them.I will give my views regarding what I think should be improved.
I personally feel that each workshop should have 2 facilitators as the burden on one guy becomes too much.Also I think that the participants with  severe stammering need more one to one attention so they can practice the techniques in a better way with an expert.So the second facilitator can spend time with such participants(especially on the first day) and then they can mix with the group.
Also I think the advertisement before the workshop is very less.We need to put us out there in the city.There were only 4 participants from Chandigarh out of the total 12.There are various ways to do that like simple pasting of A4 sized sheets about the workshop in important places around a week before the workshop.Volunteers can do this job over a period of few days.
I also think that there should be an introduction of a level-2 workshop for all the participants who have once attended a 3 Day workshop because a majority will not attend the same workshop again and again.In this Level 2 Workshop the participants can go a step further towards recovery.
I also want to point some ironical situations I observed during the three days.Sometimes when a participant used to block severely some of us would start suggesting him to take a deep breath,speak slowly,etc etc on which Jai would stop us .I find this funny because we feel angry ourselves when someone keeps suggesting the same things to us in the outside world.
Another thing was that whenever someone used to bounce a lot I could see some smiles when we ourselves cant bear when someone smiles when we block.I am not saying that it was wrong on anyone’s part it has just made me realize some involuntary reactions of the human race which are not intentional and hence should not be given importance.
All in all I learned  much more in these 3 days  than I did in the past 3 really was an awesome experience.

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  1. Sikander 9 years ago

    Hi Dhruv, thanks for posting the analysis of the event. It was great going through the summary of the workshop. It is very appreciable that you guys i.e JP, Rekrit and you, took the initiative of holding the communication workshop in Chandigarh. JP told me about the experiment at Sec 17 and I was very much impressed.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    very good overview of workshop..i was one of the participant and dhruv and Rekrit were helping hand of JP..they both are doing g8t job


  3. admin 9 years ago

    Dhruv, Thanks a lot for the honest feedback! I have noted them down and we (including you) will work on them! Its only by such honest and quick feedback that we can improve!

  4. Sachin 9 years ago

    Yes, such honest feedback, given with best intentions, can do wonders both for participants and the facilitators..
    Hmm- second facilitator? I see 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Nth facilitator right there in this group..!!
    Just need a little grooming! That's all..

  5. Anonymous 9 years ago

    In my view- workshop was almost flawless. I enjoyed it to the fullest. Thanks TISA, JP and all present there. kshitiz


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