My stammering… now a days

Hey, Everyone….
Hows all of you…. My stammering going badly now a days…. Few days before my stammering going well, hmm, almost very good…. But now its going bad…. But then also i am not imposing it on me…. And talks as i talked before when its well….
       I’m thinking to make my videos of stammering and upload it… maybe it will more helpful to me….. Now my fear of talking on phone or any person maybe going….
skype: shani20008


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Hi Zeshan,I will send you skype request,we can talk to each other ,it wil be good practice and we can get to know each other as well !!!

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Dear Zeeshan- this is the nature of 'mind'. One day it is up, next day it is down in the dumps.. Dont take it too seriously. Just keep on talking and doing things which need to be done.. Yes, putting up a video is not a bad idea. You truly become desensitized and the world also gets educated in the process. Lot of stereotypical reactions to stammering is just because "Not enough people have stammered in public."
    So, go ahead..

  3. Zeshan Ahmed 8 years ago

    Thank you Dhruva bhai… i'll wait of your request.. and we will practice….
    And Sir Sachin, its right that when i dont feel my stammering, i talk very politely.. and when i feel it then everything go bad… Otherwise now a days i'm not feeling it, even i dont speak good..
    Thank you Sir..


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