Herbertpur meets

Like every Sunday, this time too 6-7 people were there. Muqarram, Vaibhav, Mr Baburam, Ajai, Nishu and myself. Since Vaibhav, a class 8 student was with us- we kept the pace and level of difficulty low. Gradually, we were talking of more complex things (two things bad about your brother..), standing up, at some distance from the group, in a higher volume. Some fun, some frolic, some feedback. Whenever my turn came, I felt like excusing myself, since I had a hectic week and weekend- but I did not dare to, since when facilitator does not participate at equal footing, participants too stop exerting themselves very soon.. A group has to have perfect democracy- and not just appearance of it..

Next day, Monday (today), Vineet phoned and apologized for missing the Sunday meet and requested for sometime. I was in Computer (DTP) class and discussing stroke, fill, order and grid lines.. I asked the DTP students if they would mind giving a little time to one of my young friends.. They kindly agreed. So, Vineet came and told them about stammering and the activities he does in our self help group (below). It was nice to see the big change in Vineet today – he was holding forth inspite of his dis-fluencies; Change in human beings is a subtle thing to observe and interpret. But always exhilarating. It always proves that change is possible for every one of us..

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2 thoughts on “Herbertpur meets


    (July 4, 2011 - 3:46 pm)

    Vineet surely has changed a lot!!


    (July 5, 2011 - 4:55 am)

    best wishes to all Muqarram, Vaibhav, Mr Baburam, Ajai, Nishu ………,i can see vineet's commitment towards shg meeting,g8t vineet

    concept of perfect democracy in group is nice …..

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