Bidding ends!!

Dear all,

Due to the lack of enthusiasm in all of us for organising the first National Meet, we have accepted the bid of IHS( ) at Bhubaneshwar. No, actually, we approached them and they kindly agreed to our request! This sets all of us free to concentrate on participating, rather than worrying about organizing everything. So, let us take advantage and start blocking the last week of December 2011 for this Maha-Kumbh mela..
Please keep checking this space for more details. I hope all of us will be there to make this event a grand success and to prove for once to the society that yes, stammering is a BIG ISSUE and NO JOKE!!


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    All the best TISA. Really this event will be helpful and part of learning for all of us!!!!!!!


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