Nishant and Vineet came today. Hats off to commitment of these two young men- their commitment to themselves! First we had some voice modulation exercises, with finger tips on our throat to appreciate the fine movement and vibration as the pitch or volume changes. I discussed the role of bringing consciousness down to our throat on certain occasions, like when saying “hello” – Otherwise there is a possibility that air may keep slipping out without the first sound taking off. Can be funny and painful at the same time!

I had brought photocopied script of a Children’s play in Hindi- Kangaroo. We spread out in the big hall and delivered our dialogues in a loud voice- with me giving feedback once in a while- like asking them to bounce on a particular word, whenever I heard a little hesitation or avoidance- or to deliver the dialogue once again in a louder voice etc. etc. Lot of positive strokes too. Once the play was over- I sprung a surprise on Vineet: I asked him to go up on the dais and tell us the story behind the play!

Nishant is working in a cloth shop. Sometime ago his mother came and said that he needs to develop arithmetic skills too. So, we did some mental arithmetic with Nishant, had a cup of tea in a shop and parted. Yes, I gave Vineet his video, which I had recorded while he gave the synopsis of the play. He said, he will compare it with his older videos and tell me the difference. I need no telling, by the way- the differences over last one year are quite obvious to me! Not just speech but the attitude as well.

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    (July 11, 2011 - 5:37 am)

    best wishes to Nishant and Vineet


    (July 11, 2011 - 1:54 pm)

    Attitude and hard work makes all the difference in the end; stammering or no stammering!!

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