A new opportunity, wanna catch it!

Dear all pws,
As all we know that TISA is like a name of god for the people like me(means those who stammer).I am an adult pws who is college going. After semester exams, it is about one and half months free time for me . I can do many other works in this free time but I don’t think that no work has higher priority for me rather than to work on my speech. yes ,I am stammer and I want to come out from it, have to catch all the opportunity I got. I asked sachin sir to make a workshop for us as we are about 4-5 students. Sachin sir agreed to do so. He told us that there will be more fun and joy in the workshop if there are some more members. It will be nice if you come with at-least 8 or 9 people to join a mini workshop here in herburtpur. I talked some other pws but some how I ready to manage only 2 more guys who doing jobs. So we are 6 members who are ready till date (umesh, abhishek, ashish, dhurva, rakesh, sandeep rajoria). But we needed more. So I put this here on blog that anyone who is free and wanna come with us so that we have great fun. You can do it. If you do it. I will certainly not lag behind. It will be three day workshop and everything like will be chandigarah workshop. Possible dates will be at the end of July weekend. So you have two weeks to manage other things.Anyone who is interested can call me at 08529982551, 09813973747. Or can mail to me at umeshrawat1987@gmail.com . for further details you can also contact to sachin sir satsri@gmail.com


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    that's a great job and great oppurinity to work on my speech so i m instrated. thanks umesh and sachin sir to provide a comfort jone……

  2. addy2001 9 years ago

    hi umesh
    can you tell me the exact date about when its going to start
    i am also intrested to join it

  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    It is 29,30,31st July (Fri-sat-sun)

  4. admin 9 years ago

    yes..addy. it good to see that we find another member. i am so happy 🙂

  5. Rajesh 9 years ago

    I will try my best to attend it..moreover,i'm frm dehradun ..so ,the venue is closer 4 me…

  6. Rajesh 9 years ago

    I will try my best to attend it..moreover,i'm frm dehradun ..so ,the venue is closer 4 me…

  7. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great, Rajesh, you must do it this time. Get in touch with Umesh regarding formalities..

  8. admin 9 years ago

    This is great Umesh.

    I will come after 15th August Anybody planing to come during this time is most welcome.


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