Stammering-A Sure Cure

This is the name of the sure cure book written by Partha Bagchi which I ordered around 1.5 years ago (before my association with TISA). in search of fluency.The cost of the course was Rs 4500.So i naturally thought that for such a huge amount of money i would be getting lots of stuff but what came was this book(MRP-355 written on the cover),a spiral binded xerox sheets booklet and a cd.But then I thought,the lesser,the better.I wouldn’t have to work too hard.My parents also read the course material and were very impressed and said they thought that I would cure my stammering easily with this book(I will tell you later how this stills poses a problem for me).(NOTE-I will be using present tense in my explanation even though it happened months ago as i want to relive the moment)OK,so this book begins with an introduction page in which he summarizes the content of the book and in the end writes”Wishing you a happy,confident,bright,pleasant,stammering free life“.so at that time this book re-inforces my earlier stupid belief that a happy life is a stammering free life.I start to hate my stammering even more and start idolizing Partha Bagchi for helping me.Then I start the first chapter”Causes of Stammering”The first line reads”It is an acquired behavior and not inherited or hereditary” which I now know that it is completely false,medical science has proved that in many cases stammering is hereditary.then he lists the causes of stammering(which actually are symptoms of stammering and not causes.Also such causes occur in everybody’s lives but they dont stammer)But at that time Partha Bagchi was my God and everything he said was the truth for me.
Then the book tells about the various situations in which one stutters and the next chapter explains the various difficulties and hurdles I have faced or will face in the future because I stutter.All this makes me very depressed and I start detesting stammering even more but in the end he writes”Dont worry,this book will take you out of your misery.This makes me think”My life is pathetic mess but this great man’s book will take me out of it.I am a needy person and i want his help.”Then comes the chapter”Is stammering curable” to which he says,”YES!!!!YES!!!! It is just a bad (yeah bad bad stammering) habitual problem which can be cured easily by this book.This motivates me a lot and I start idolizing him even more.Then comes the chapter on “Self Admittance”which tells me to realize that I have a problem which is curable,I just need to work on it.Accept that you have a problem but it can be cured.So this is the extent of acceptance in the book.Then came the chapter “Checklist of Bad Habits”.In this he does discuss some secondary symptoms but just points them out and doesnt provide a solution to remove those secondary symptoms but just disposes them as bad habits.He also labels bouncing as a bad habit by giving a specific example of pa…pa… panic.So all this is very very bad according to the book.
Then comes the much awaited chapter”Effective Practical Techniques” where he tells about 5 minute meditation,deep breathing,self-relaxation,positive thinking,self mind control,mirror practice,etc.etc. but all this is aimed a achieving the glamorous fluency and not for over all development.So though meditation is a very good habit but after reading the book I only did meditation and self-relaxation with the aim to cure my stammering which kind of kills the whole aim of meditation.The meditation and relaxation techniques in Brahmavidya and Vipassana is very very different from what is taught in the book.Here it is just used as another technique to cure your stutter.

Then began the endless motivational one-liners which I think you an easily find on the internet.In between the one-liners,he does tell me to face my fears but clearly states my aim-To speak fluently.So everytime I face a feared situation,my focus shouldnt be about communication but on fluency.The rest of the book is motivational talk compiled from various sources.In one chapter he tells me how to handle different situations. Interestingly all the suggestions were similar to the ones my parents used to give me when i was little like speak slowly,take a deep breath,relax,blah,blah.I then open the spiral binded workbook which explains the long lengthening style of speech and refers me to the cd to listen to Partha and his wife demonstrate the technique.Trust me,it was like listening to extra-terrestrial Hollywood movie in which aliens teach you how to speak.(Sorry Partha Bagchi,but I just couldn’t resist writing this).But at that time I was so mad for fluency I agreed to become an alien myself and started practicing but never could speak like that in the outside world(Thank God for that).To sum up the techniques-I had to practice long-lengthening style  together with a lot of pep-talk and creative visualization and I had to devote one hour everyday to it.(Looking back,I am never gonna get that one hour back for the rest of my life).I never really made any significant improvement and in a short while I started stuttering more severely more severely as I started suppressing my stutter even more as I believed I had been cured.I practiced it for 3 months but seeing no cure I blamed myself and went into further guilt and depression.

MY TAKE-Though Sachin Sir told me to write a balanced report on this,but sorry sir no matter how much I think I can’t find anything really good about the course.Though the motivational content is good but you can get that easily on the net or in other motivational books priced much much lesser.It also tried to make me a long-lengthening emotionless alien robot which is much worse than stuttering(believe me).Also reading the book my mom thinks that it is a bad habit ,that’s it and I am still having a hard time convincing her with the truth.Also at the end of the book,Partha Bagchi writes that he is doing all this for the welfare of the people and appeals for donation for this cause.Dude,if you really wanted to help you wouldnt be charging Rs4500 for material costing you less than Rs 500.Stop fooling everyone(and yourself actually) that you are doing this for others’ welfare.You are running a business and nothing more.
As for other pws if you want to read good books I would personally suggest books by Dale Carnegie like “How to make friends and influence people”,”How to stop worrying and start living” and 2 more such books by the same author(each book costs Rs 100) that stresses on real life communication and public speaking.Also if you want to go for stammer specific books then go to to read free e-books by well known SLP’s.I would also recommend a free e book “Redefining Stuttering” by John Harrison.These books are authentic and speak the truth without any ulterior motives.Also join meditation courses like Vipassana,Brahmavidya,etc to make a difference in your thinking and your life.Also be regular at local SHGs and try to attend as many workshops as possible(the Shimla one is coming up soon).And you can do all this by investing only your time and a minimum amount of money.As for pws who still have this urge to spend huge quantity of money to buy stammering cure,come with me to the Shimla workshop and you will realize the truth and then we can use that money to party all night:-):-).As for the sure cure package,if anyone still wants it,I would be glad to send him for free,dont hesitate to ask or else I would just use it in next years LOHRI !!!!! :-):-):-)

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

6 thoughts on “Stammering-A Sure Cure


    (July 15, 2011 - 2:46 pm)

    Dear Dhruva thanks for this detailed review on SCC.. You are spot on.

    3 years ago while surfing on net I came across his website Stammering cure center, I was fall into this trap immediately while checking through the site, his site open with the catchy gimmick message which say “Are you depressed tensed humiliated lost all the hope in life for stammering a ray of hope for stammer”. With help of one of my dad’s friend in Bangalore I ordered his package but I was delivered a set of 6 books which were not related to stammering but those books were written very nicely with hard shiny cover and a smiling Mr Bagchi on the back of it. The person (My dad's friend) who delivered these books was told that there is a book written specially to cure stammering which is not included with this and for that you have to pay 4000 extra bucks. My dad advised me that before to order that expensive book on stammering complete these 6 books first..I am glad I did’t ordered it at that time…while reading your writeup its seems this book is all copied and pasted from stammering resource on internet.

    Anyway I am game for the Shimla/ Solan workshop ..Dr Sachin sir and Jai informed me about that dates could be from 26 to 28 August. We will have lot of fun and will be parting all the nights :))


    (July 15, 2011 - 4:22 pm)

    Thanks Dhruva, for having an opinion and expressing it..


    (July 15, 2011 - 5:57 pm)

    dhruva bhai, tune tho baja dali SCC ki . nice writing and expressing. keep it up.


    (July 16, 2011 - 8:41 am)

    I will be there on lohdi 🙂


    (July 19, 2011 - 12:54 pm)

    Hi Dhruva, Nice writing dear again. In 2004 while searching Internet, I came to know about Stammering Cure Centre. I was very fascinated to visit the site. Having seen the web site and gone through the details I got a feeling that stammering could be cured and I can also come out of it if I take the therapy but at that time it was very difficult for me to take therapy from that centre. Even taking corrospondence course was also not affordable for me at that time. The power point presentation in that web site was also very attractive and I was completely drawn to it. I still remember, every day I used to visit that web site and relate my problem to that presentation. I can not express how I felt when I came to know that there is a cure of stammmring becuase I had a notion that there is no cure of stammering. This web site just broke my misconception. Even I knew that I can not afford it but I was very happy with this reality that there is solution of stammering. In future, I could go for therapy but that day never came when I felt to go there. I do not want to comment on that Speech Cenre whether it is good or bad. That centre motivated me to research on stammering and finally I met my speech therapist in Delhi.

    Rajesh kumar

    (April 16, 2013 - 8:24 am)

    Thanks a lot for ur valuable information.I went through It is a very helpful website.

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