hi……… Dis is Chakit Samanta, an engineer 4m kolkata, presently doing my post graduation 4m nagpur.

i am a stammering person and i have controlled dis 2 a greater extent. thanks 2 Dr. Sachin and Rajendra sir, who have helped me a lot 2 learn certain techniques- pro…..longation and b..b..bouncing and certain block correction techniques.

6 months before my life was very much horrible. i could not even say my name and leading a pathetic life….Now i can say dat i m not 100percnt cure but i m pleased about my speech.

I can really assure u my stammering friends dat impossible r nothing… 1st of all u should accept ur stammering and use certin techniques 2 control dat. i m saying controlling bt nt cure b’caz controlling is much easier dan curing.

Friends i m always dere 2 help u up…… If u want 2 talk 2 me u may call me up 2 my no.-08928953535….or may email me- chakit4u@gmail.com

i will change my no. and i shll provide my no. through my e-mail

tnk u……….


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Welcome to TISA, Chakit!

  2. Anonymous 8 years ago

    wow- man. You sound so positive and forward looking.. keep it up man..

  3. Zeshan Ahmed 8 years ago

    hey.. i am very glad to know about your stammering now…
    i m also a stammer…
    Sir sachin teach me also…
    same situation as you was mine before almost 1 year ago… but now i have much confidence to talk an unknown person… my stammering is not very good now… but i m happy about my confidence…
    brother we can talk on skype for practice.. because am from pakistan…
    my skype id is : shani20008
    gmail : zeshanshani21@gmail.com

    ok Bye

  4. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, Chakit. Zeshan is a young man from Lahor- and a very good programmer and student.. Do chat with him sometime..

  5. Zeshan Ahmed 8 years ago

    😀 Sir Sachin Thanks… but i'm not programmer yet.. I love programming… but in this year i'll start learn programming in my college… and InshaaAllha will become a big programmer like JP brother very soon…


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