Osho on stammering

Today i suddenly googled to check if OSHO (Rajneesh), one of the enlightened souls of modern time had also sparkle his divine thoughts about stammering.Below mention is the abstract of the resultant:-

I was reading the biography of a man who had the habit of stammering.Being the son of a rich man, he consulted a number of psychologists, tried a lot of medicines & spent thousands of millions to get rid of it.But all in vain.Then one day, an interesting incident occurred.A play was scheduled to be played in that town in which one of the character had to stutter.The actor who was supposed to play that character had fallen ill; so that man (stammerer) was approached by the play authorities to play that character.The role was small & that man readily understood his character & was ready to play it.At the stage during the play, miracle of miracles happened.The boy tried his best to stammer but failed; he was not able to stammer at all.So what had happened?
Here OSHO illustrated the power of consciousness i.e. to be aware & alert every time. If we start to do something consciously, the involuntary nature of that act starts to dilute.
So in our context, if we can remain alert n aware when ever we feel a block, feeling our facial expression, checking our physical & mental state of body; we can improve !!!
So happy awareness guys !!!
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