Bouncing Correctly

As a part of my facilitation training assignment,I am bouncing with two or more strangers on a regular basis.I have been doing this since thursday on non feared words only and with strangers.Now till now,i have been doing two kinds of bouncing.One is with strangers in which I bounce 3 times as part of my training.On the other hand I am also trying to bounce with friends and with professor but that is fast bouncing and I bounce just once e.g.-K-Kanpur.But this bouncing is not a relaxed one and has anxiety associated with it.Today in the chandigarh workshop,I had printed out the bouncing page from the self help manual and given it to everyone and then we discussed each point one by one.At this point Jai explained the correct way of bouncing which should be slow and with pauses which should be practiced at the shg,while talking to other pws or with strangers and after suffiient practice it can be used with friends in a more speedy way.So I learnt the importance of pauses in bouncing while practicing it.Also printing out the bouncing page was a good idea as some points which I had previously ignored became more clear.Till now,I have had no problem with bouncing on non feared words with strangers and I am now planning to incease the bounces and the pauses in this assignment.

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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes- Bouncing in a relaxed way, with good control- is an important milestone on the road to recovery.. And being systematic about it, as you are doing (printing the page and sticking to instructions) is the KEY to success..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    i will also include brief pauses in between bounces now on wards 🙂

  3. Zeshan Ahmed 8 years ago

    I am not stable in my bouncing.. but i am trying to doing bouncing more perfectly with my friends or family members..although i am not talk to strangers..:( bcoz my confidence level is not much :(… but i am trying to increase more and more my confidence level…. and hope i'll get control on it…

  4. romiarora 8 years ago

    Whenever u Bounce always maintain Eye Contact.By doing it 75%fear goes away n always breathe in n breathe out at regular intervals.
    Zeeshan confidence wont come wid bouncing it wil come only if u motivate urself by reading books,watchin online videos facing situations n accepting challenges.This will boost ur confidence n ul b able 2 do things wid ease.The best solution 4 confidence is 2 do Meditation tht wil relaxe ur mind n also a bit of yoga.

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Dhruv and Ashish, thank god we found both of you!! Both of you are setting new standards everyday 🙂


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