Husband died the first night..

Just returned form three days of Walkathon in the mountains, north of Chakrata. Sumit, 15 yrs, came to SHG meeting, with his father, after a long gap. Nishu, Vineet and Parmanand were also there. Intros, news paper items for verbal presentation, some unstructured discussion, quick reveiw of bouncing and prolongation etc.- and then, I tossed: Do, we, the pws, tend to be more of a procrastinators than the normal population? I gave my own example how I had been postponing this trek for months together.

That started another good discussion, bringing out the need to address these deeper issues as much as the search for “fluency”.
Then, I asked everyone to share their speech goals; Two members said- I want to be able to share a joke with better control. For us, sharing a joke too, can become very stressful! Parmanand shared this one:
A mosquito and fly decided to get married. The mosquito died on the first night. Why?

This is a nice technique- where you shift the ‘burden’ (of communication) on your audience for a short while— while you catch your breath and get your bearings and are ready for the final coup.. It also makes your ‘style’ PARTICIPATORY.
Well, the answer is very simple, as told by our friend Parmanand, the Entomologist: Mosquitoe’s wife, the Fly, had put on the “Night Queen”! This is why the mosquito died in the night.. ha ha ha..

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2 thoughts on “Husband died the first night..


    (August 8, 2011 - 7:23 am)

    I think during NC, we will ask Parmanand to conduct a workshop on sharing a joke 🙂


    (August 8, 2011 - 11:03 am)

    giving some share of excitement to audience will lessen the burden on excitement on us..nice idea

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