Art of stuttering

hello… all Tisa members. Hope you all will be good and fine. I am umesh here who attend the herburtpur workshop a few weeks ago. I learnt many things from there. This time I was quite comfortable there. Everything going so easy for me. Some days ago, I always confuse with bouncing. I want to make my speech more fluent and impressive. But here in workshop, sachin sir told us to talk always in bouncing. It contradicts my emotions. But when I used it more I feel it is not as simple. When we avoid a blockage we always do this in a hurry but with bouncing, we can’t avoid a difficult word. We have to speak it slowly and perfectly. Bouncing also slows down our speed which rises continuously if we are going some fluent in our speech. In one book I read (author told on his lifelong experience) that we all know how to speak fluent but the thing that we don’t know how to stutter and without struggle. So bouncing is a type of stutter but without a force or struggle. But it is not easy for the pws because we are always in a quest for fluency why we go for such type of a bad thing. We try bouncing but it is also in a hurry and almost impossible for us outside the workshop environment. At least we can do it little with our pws friend via phone or SHG. If we able to learn the art of stuttering without struggling then all real stuttering will be faded out. Facing the fear is right approach; avoid it like adding one more brick to wall of fear. Sometime bad thing is necessary for finding some good thing in a long run.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    well said umesh!!!

    speech is an effortless process always.

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    Umesh- great job! You and other PWS like you, are like old explorers: going out into the uncharted lands of one's own mind: discovering our fears, phobia and finding ways to deal with them..
    Only thing, you must make sure, that you dont go back to sleep after a few steps.. Continue till you have totally transformed your life, thoughts, values and personality..

  3. admin 9 years ago

    thanks Ashish and Sachin sir. I understand. I only need a little support of you.

  4. admin 9 years ago

    great post umesh ji……if we forget struggle and control speech via prolongation and bouncing we will be in better place,,,,,,,

  5. admin 9 years ago

    Great post Umesh!! You certainly made the most of herbertpur workshop


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