My Experiments With Bouncing

Carrying on the bouncing task,I am really feeling a change in me !!!! The biggest change is my saying a hard word immediately without thinking and stuttering without silent blocks i.e. bringing the sound right from the start and it is much easier than the silent blocks with eye closed,head jerking and excessive force at the end of which I used to have a headache.Also after bouncing for a while at easy words,a little anxiety is also reduced.Because of all this,i have started to talk to a lot of people and have gone way beyond my friend circle and become more popular.One thing I have known that people love you for the things you say and not how you say it.I am saying this by my one week experience.This is not to say that I have completely removed my silent blocks with secondary symptoms,it does occur in high anxiety situations but other than that,it is a wonderful experience.One thing more that I have realized that how foolish was I to think that it is better to jerk and use excessive force while blocking or staying silent altogether rather than just bounce two or three times with complete calm and composure and continue speaking.I have also increased my bouncing from 2 strangers to 7-8 strangers.I just want to do it more and more as it makes me bounce once unnoticeably with my friends and continue the conversation without me all drained out.I hope my experience would inspire a pws.See u later !!!!!!

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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Dhruva- this is great piece of documentation.. Many PWS turn away after very superficial reading of "Bouncing technique".. Actually, this technique is quite old in West and was originally called "Iowa bounces".. I think it was Wendell Johnson, who first talked about it..I read an excellent discussion on it in a book by Peter Reitzes, a PWS and SLP in USA..

    Many people (esp. young) find Bouncing very counter-intuitive, like turning into the skid, to avoid locking of the wheels and a worse accident.. But that is what you should do in a skid, according to experts!

    So, yes, do summarise your findings for others, every now and then..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Dhruva, you will be known for centuries to come for all the hard work that you are putting for yourself and for rest of us 🙂


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