Ideas worth Spreading..

May be you know all about TED.. But let me recommend two of these:

1. JD Schramm asks us to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts… This video reminded me so much of many youngsters trying to talk about stammering for the FIRST time in life.. Great relevance to us..

2. Success of Psychoanalysis in 19th-20th century, created a trend of interpreting EVERY deviation from the normal, in terms of psychological phenomena (repressed emotions, early trauma etc.). Same has happened even in the field of stammering therapy:Psychotherapists will go on counseling or giving hypnosis sessions, WITHOUT incorporating any of the well-known speech therapy tools- simply because they are convinced that stammering is ONLY a psychological phenomena.

This second video- V. Ramachandran talks about how a Neurological problem (Capgras syndrome) was believed to be a “Psychological” problem (Schizophrenia) for a long time, because of the above mentioned tendency..

PS: No way do we mean to deny the secondary development of psychological, emotional issues, in response to stammering… But these are secondary phenomena in most cases, as far as present knowledge indicates.

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    (August 11, 2011 - 2:27 pm)

    I watched the first video about John and everything resonated so truly with the kind of life I have gone through (except the money and suicide attempt)!! I guess more pws will come out of the closet not just for themselves but for other good too!! Thanku sir for sharing this.

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