“..Speech pathologist and therapists have never been able to cure stuttering because most of the causes are of the spiritual world (or dimension) and not accessible by scientific methods.

From a psychic’s view, a stuttering problem is caused by any combination of four factors including the throat chakra, curse, karma knot and habit. (I will explain each of these.)

..Ric Weinman sensed (or psychically scanned) me and told me that my stuttering was not due to a curse, but that I had a “karma knot” associated with my stuttering. So, karma can be another direct cause of stuttering.

In regards to karma, there is a universal Law of Karma that is well-known in Eastern religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism. Good karma is good deeds and thoughts. Bad karma is bad deeds and thoughts. In the end, bad karma has be worked off or balanced with good karma. On rare occasions, bad karma has also been forgiven via Divine Grace…”

From: http://www.merlinswizards.com/transcriptforstuttering.html

If some PWS believe this (above causes), then it has to be taken seriously by those who want to help them, ie. the therapists. In Medical Anthropology, it has been seen that a common ground of understanding between the patient and therapist, has to be developed first – for onward progress of treatment and healing to become possible. If the client seriously believes that his fever is due to violation of certain religious rules, doctor’s medicines may “cure” the Malaria but the patient may not achieve a state of health and wholeness.

I was about to dismiss all the above as oriental mumbo-jumbo but stopped short: we in self help movement also need to understand other people’s perspective. So, while we take no “for or against” stand, we just ask you to broaden your own horizon and come to your own conclusions.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    i do believe in karma & their after effects on our lives.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    But b4 karma comes a proces caled 'thinking'..if thinking is gud,+ve and in right direction…karma wil automaticaly be gud…KARMA=DHARMA…

  3. Akash 9 years ago

    Mainstream medicine at least in the west is now increasingly giving space to various cultural forms of healing as they are important from patient's perspective.


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