Boom Out..

Jayprakash was a new addition to the group; others were Dr Kshitiz, Raju, Rajesh, Nishant, Nishu and sachin. Jayprakash has tried his hands at teaching- Gave it up a few months back because he felt that first he must get a control over his stammering. He has been rejected summarily from Army recruitment in the past, just because of stammering- as he mentioned. He hails from Uttarkashi.

We had a round of paraphrasing a news item and making a formal presentation about it. Then, a round of intro, while standing in front of the group. Then, a round of bouncing / prolongation. An interesting exercise on prolongation was conducted by Dr Kshitiz. Interesting feedback kept coming spontaneously from members to speakers. Every round involved a little bit more complexity. Finally a game – “Boom out”. It challenged the popular notion that stammerers have their IQ in “upper quintile”! Sadly, the hypothesis was found wrong! But of course, we all had fun. There can be fun in failing too, if you know what I mean..After all what is wrong in being imperfect and a little human..

We exchanged phone numbers and emphasied on the new member that their is a way to overcome his problem provided he is ready for a long haul. Dehradun group is getting ready to start formally with SHG in Dehradun soon. All the best to them! We missed Sourav, Vaibhav and Pawan..

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    (August 15, 2011 - 7:07 pm)

    very good meeting….surely we will try “boom out”….how hypno fail?

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