its my time…..:)

Hey every one….. How are all of you?….
hmm maybe 2 weeks ago… i talked a stammer from Pakistan…. I was catch him from a yahoo stammering group….. i massaged him… he replied me “do i know you”.. i said no but am also stammer…. he replied oh i c…..
and then he called me almost 26 mins on my cell…
he gave me tips about stammering…. he said i am mild stammer and i always though that i can speak between 1000s of people…. and this thing always helped me…. and now i have no fear about my stammering…. he gave me example of Hritik Roshan…. that he was also a stammer…. but he cured himself and now he is the one of top stars of India…..
He really helped me as like as Sir Sachin….. After talking him, i felt relax…. and now am trying to defeat my fear…. and have a hope that i’ll….InshaaAllah……
Zeshan Ahmed
Skype: shani20008

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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Yes- it takes courage to reach out to "strangers"- but if we keep in mind the usual protocol of being thoughtful about others, there is no problem. We must do this more often..because we are not an island- and spice of life is interaction with others.
    Keep it up..

  2. Zeshan Ahmed 9 years ago

    okey Sir…. Thank you…..:)


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