Live the moment………

May the heading doesn’t fit what i m trying to explain here.But i don’t feel, to interrupt putting my thoughts here flawlessly.

I used to postpone almost all the things important to me;thinking that i will do them once i overcome my fear of stammering.Now going deeper in this phenomenon day by day, i can see it very clearly that there will not be existence of any such day in future.It is basically a game of my stammering mind to deny the present situation.
So, now whether i can assemble the courage to start finishing all those so called important things (works) right now or not, its a different things…..but it is very clear to me that there is no such existence of future where i will be completely above & out of fear of stammering.If it has to be some day……..then it is right here, right now.
It is not wise any more to get cheated by the mind that ‘one day’ i will do this ……….that ‘one day’ doesn’t have any creditibility at all.

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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Yes, realizing something at intellectual level is one thing- and bringing it down in to day to day life is another- it takes time but doable if we realize that our whole life is at stake..
    Wonderful. Keep it up..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Yes…That Day will never come. This is right now or never. We can't hold our important things because of stammering.


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