Under pressure, My talking speed becomes a bullet train……what to do??????????

This was (& stiil is) is a very chronic volunteer tendency of myself to speak in an almost uncontrolled faster mode,under pressure.THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WAS ( & STILL IS) happening to me unconsciously.I was not able to figure it out even for few days after any such incident.

But as i am trying to observe my stammering consciously these days, so i have started to develop a sort of micro observation of this volunteer phenomenon too.
Now when ever my super boss (next to my immediate boss) calls me over the phone or calls me in his office personally (it happens a few times a day though), though i am still not been to control my excitement or the pressure ….but i can en-sight those few very short moments of consciousness either during the talk with him or just after the talk that i am or i was a bit hurried with him……
This is absolutely a very pleasing experience for me…….i am trying to enjoy it 🙂
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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great- now, you should try being "present" as the stammering is happening- not a second after. Only then, you can modify it. To practice this- you should begin with VS- go in a fake stammering with a stranger and notice his expression, reaction, clothes, words, color of eyes etc- later write it all down. If you can successfully do it- it would mean that you were actually "conscious" in that moment.. Try it. It can be fun..


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