First of all i am happy that i have passed my examination . Company Secretary Executive level

Another good reason for my happiness is that now i would be able to attend the conference in bhubneshwar. i was desperately waiting for the result because if would have failed , again my exams were scheduled in December end only..
Never mind , everything happens for good only. Now it is sure that i am attending it, now the problem is that i want to prepare a presentation or a speech . But i am not aware of anything i.e. topic etc. on which i should give . Moreover to add to my nervousness, there is chance that my parents would be attending the workshop too, and before them i am speechless. I have never faced any stage in my life yet but i want to do it.
SO, I want Sachin sir and my all other friends of TISA family to suggest me a topic and also provide me links and other material where i can find information about that topic.
Waiting for replies
Sumeet Nagpal

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    congrats summit………..
    i can suggest one direction… all non stammer think stammering just as dis fluency problem u can collect some true story and incident and compile then in do format so non pws can fell heat of stammering.
    or u can chose topic like why pws leave bouncing after few tries..
    and why people are less motivated for workshop and shgs….etc

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, in addition to all the good topics suggested by Lalit- you may just share your own story! You will not need to prepare very much, I guess!

  3. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Hi Sumeet,

    The easiest would be to share your story in brief with a view to encourage or inspire others.

    I was nervous when sharing an experience in front of an audience because my grand mother was in the audience.

    To my surprise she was elated, thrilled and proud of me after the short speech.

    I would say you may get surprised or nothing at all may happen with your parents or the rest of the audience. It may be liberating and people who love you will continue to do so.

    Best Regards,


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