Internalised mind, focused mind

Last few sundays- Nishant has been coming- alone. That gives us more time for 101 work out. Some meditation, some discussion, some counseling and lot of mental maths; last- because he is a salesman in a cloth shop and needs to be quicker with figures.

Above- Nishant trying to focus his mind. A mind which is capable of turning inwards at a short notice and even under stress- is a great boon for many things- stammering included. Here is what John Steggles (Speak Easy, Australia) has to say on this subject:

With attention and awareness under control one must then
be mindful of “intention”. I have often found that when my
attention slips my intention can easily falter. One can move
towards a speaking situation with the intention of staying
highly focused and in control of ones speaking faculties yet
at the last moment develop a subconscious change in
intention. The intention may consciously start out as “I am
going to use my fluency shaping technique with a level of
control that I can be assured of stutter free speech” but at
the last moment this intention can subconsciously alter to “I
am going to try to speak just like this other person” or “I am
going to try not to stutter” or “I am going to speak in a way
that will make this person like me and show that I am not a
threat”or “I am going to make sure I sound normal”. Normal
to who – normal to me….

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    (September 1, 2011 - 2:29 pm)

    seems very interesting activities……planning to attend such sessions soon.

    John steggles had pointed out a very very genuine, yet true aspect of mind's role in tackling the fear of stammering.

    By the way,Sir, the link is not opening. 🙂

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