Ruk jana nhi.. Tu kahi haar ke….

Our Delhi SHG meeting was held in central park (connaugth palace) Delhi on Sunday. This time members are not more because Lalit and Gaurav trivedi were out of stations. But this time a new member joins our group. Mr. Pinakin, who is a researcher at institute of immunology in Delhi. Mr. Sikander, Abhishek and Umesh are same as before. First we start an introductory round for all of our members. Mr. Sikander gave us a cutting of newspaper articles and we read it in slow motion with bouncing.  Then we write down our difficult words on paper and spoke these words loud in front of members by making some sentences with them. After this we share our personal experiences and problems associated with our feelings. Mr. Sikander gave us all the answers very kindly. We played some little funny games and enjoyed a lot with a laugh.
                      The most special thing which happen this time, a girl named Miss Dolly who is a journalist joined the party. She is supportive and responded very well. It is a nice feeling if a non-stutter joined us and encourages members. We all members will be thankful for her for this  good social act.  At last we talk with some strangers and decided next meeting plans. When I was coming back and in train, this song was rocking in my earphones and that’s why I give this title to my blog.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    yes central park is very good enviorment for the meeting. i want to just say that if any pws member friends (non stammerer)are interested to show meeting most welcome.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Great! This is definite progress.. Keep it up- and encourage others too to join whenever they can.. even if they dont stammer.. A little social get-together hurts no one..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Great going guys.

    I wish I too can join you. But as things stand right now, I won't be in Delhi for at least 15 week-ends 🙁


  4. admin 8 years ago

    gooooood delhi Shg rocking….

  5. Sikander 8 years ago

    Thanks Umesh for sending the brief analysis of the meeting. It was really a great time for us. This time, we sat at the middle of the park and we were focus point of the people sitting there. The best thing was that we were not nervous and enjoyed a lot. Thanks Umesh, Primal and abhishek for being part of this meeting. One experiment which we did, is unforgatable for me. Umesh and I took initiative to talk to two yougn girls sitting in the park. They did not show much interest in listening about Stammering. Dispite their disinterest, we continued our talk for five minutes. It was fabuluos. I deeeply appreciate and thank Ms. Dolly for taking part in the meeting.

    With regards
    Sikander Singh

  6. Pinakin 8 years ago

    It was good experience at shg particularly, interaction with strangers. The couple, with I and Abhishek had interaction showed patient to listen us.

    I am eager to come at next shg meeting.


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