Chennai Meet

Dear friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting was  held on 04.09.2011 at YWCA were attended by 10 pws. We started the meeting with a meditation.

Then the group was split into 5 pairs. 15 min time were given to find out the strength and weakness of their partner. Then each one has spoken about their parter for 5 min. This is really a very useful exercise to know about strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Then, we discussed about the importance of doing “SOMETHING” to control our stammering. The “SOMETHING” is to be practiced for at least 1 hr daily.

After that, we had a tea break. Had sandwitch, kesari, pakkoda and tea.

After the break,We split the group in to two and had a funny debate on which is best food “South Indian” or “North Indian”. This was really entertaining and it went on almost 45 min and everyone enjoyed it.

Thats all from Chennai chapter.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    g8t,good going Chennai shg


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