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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Dr. Sachin,

    You know the human psychology well. We all want to do things which are advised as forbidden ! I did the same… and watched this video. Hats of to Nina… No trace of any efforts of hiding her stutter … That requires courage

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Talking on stammering in a funny way is really good. People likes to listen funny things more than serious one.

  3. Nina G 8 years ago

    Thanks so much for including me on here. I never thought my video would find its way across the world! I get so much encouragment from pws and it means a great to me that guys like this. Sorry for the naughty words :-). Ok, not really!

  4. Sachin 8 years ago

    Nina- we feel honored to put your video on this blog. What you did represents a billion Indians wanting to do everyday but failing because they have been forced to believe that stammering is something bad and being "fluent" like "normal" people is the only worthwhile thing in life.
    As to naughty words, never mind. Indians use a much more 'racy' lingo in everyday life..
    Best wishes fffrom all of us here in TISA!

  5. Nina G 8 years ago

    I filmed a response to all the positivity I recieved this weekend (after a horrible horrible show where I actually left crying). It's a long story, but I'll explain and let you guys know about it. Thanks for all the love!


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