DCA students tackle an anagram

What is that? you ask quiet surprised. Keep guessing. This is an example of anagrams. I use them as ice breakers with young people. It keeps your brain alive and trim. In main stream education and occupations, there is great emphasis on linear learning and getting the job done, the way it has been laid down in the SOP manual (quite a sop for boring work?), and mostly on learning by rote. Not much scope for lateral thinking and problem solving. But life is much more complex than just creating a corel design.

Anupinder practices in the hall

Today, Sunday, Ramlal from Purola, Anupinder from Patiala, Nishant, Nishu and family from Roorkee came and participated in the SHG meeting. Since Anupinder had to drive back to Patiala by evening we started at 3 pm and finished by 5.30 pm. Last Sunday, Mukarram had come alone- just two of us. It was a good opportunity to have a one on one discussion with him. I asked him- how his visits here over last two years have helped him. For a school drop out, with just class eight education from a village, his observations surprised me – in a nice way. He was articulate, he clearly understood what he was talking about. He talked about the change in his attitude. How has our communication changed over months and years is quite difficult for us to assess and capture in words. We often need help from others, to fully grasp it.

Okay, R A S E L I E is simply  R E A L I S E! (not SERIAL)
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    (September 19, 2011 - 9:56 am)


    good to see snap of dca student, i have very sweet memories whit them,
    plz convey my "hi" to them….
    and by ECIN TSOP i mean nice post another example of anagrams

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