Placed at Punj Lloyd

Hey guys,got selected in one of the best engineering companies in India,.First had an online test,in which I passed with flying colors.Then came the G.D. round,in which I was very confident and put forth my points with great confidence and and putting forward my views in a loud yet polite tone.I also made a decent eye-contact throughout the Group Discussion and never lost my cool even when others were starting to lose theirs.So,in a nutshell-confidence,polite yet firm tone and decent eye-contact made the H.R. officials choose me for the Interviews.Then,came the Technical Interviews.I am pretty strong in my core branch and hence technical interview posed no problem for me as was able to give almost all the answers.Then came the H.R. interview.It was by far my best interview experience so far.The interview lasted more than half an hour or so and was to test my personality as a whole.They judged me on various parameters ranging from my capacity to handle different situations based on my training to my expectations for the company and also outlined what role would I be expected to perform in the company so that there is no confusion later on.All in all,my stammering played no role in my interview to be frank as my other qualities just over-shadowed it,and they liked both my knowledge as a civil engineer and my personality as a person.So,all this hard work has finally paid of and I am now in a position where my speech poses no hindrance in my personal as well as professional life.

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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    congrates dhruv, God bless you dear.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    nice post drhuva ….this will help many pws who are looking for job, and also who want to switch job


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