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Dear Friends,

The Chennai chapter meeting held on 2nd Oct were attended by 20 nos including 2 children with their father and a Yoga Teacher, Mr.Arul Saravanan. In this connection I express my thanks to Mr.Karthkeyan, a member of Chennai SHG who brought the yoga teacher.

The yoga teacher has given lecture about 2 hrs started initially about stammering, about faulty breathing and how to breath correctly. he has taught some breathing techniques which will be very useful for us.   This was really an entertaining session for everyone. A couple of PWS initially informed to me that they leave earlier due to some urgent works but stayed till the end, that was the power of the yoga teacher’s communication.

He taught so many other things which will be helpful for our general life. On the behalf of Chennai SHG, my many thanks to Mr.Arul Saravanan for sparing his valuable time that too on Sunday and delivered lecture at free of cost to SHG of Chennai chapter.

Some good news at Chennai chapter. One PWS (an engineer) has got a job thro my friend and another PWS has got a good job in a software company. Mr.V- D- has won a customs agents election for 3rd consecutive year. Stammering is not at all a reason for not achieving our goal.

A funny incident told by a PWS who has attended for a  software company. The PWS has disclosed to the interviewer in the beginning  that he is a stammerer. After interview, the interviewer asked the PWS, if you are a stammerer, then why were you not stammered in all words!!!!

That’s all from Chennai chapter.



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    (October 6, 2011 - 5:01 pm)

    Congratulations on another great meet to all of you 🙂


    (October 8, 2011 - 12:43 pm)

    very good .
    One Guy is there in Banglore ,he used to play with stammer .
    name is Parthu…. some thing
    He have a Dramatical website in which he told to sure cure stammering .plz take some serious action against him .otherwise he will fool to other stammer .

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