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SHG meet in Herbertpur 9th Oct 2011

Two guests were there today in the group to learn about stammering and its effects on education. Mukarram, Vineet, Aman, Susheel, Pawan, Surinder, Nishant helped them in a broad discussion. Abhishek is a teacher who is working with Sachin, in one of the local schools – Baba Bhuman Shah Vidyalaya, teaching children who stammer, simple skills, based on Peter Reitzes book “Fifty Activities for children who stammer” (see the video below: he is teaching a child to bounce on his name). Other guest was Surabhi, an IT professional from Delhi. At the end of the session, both the guests shared their perceptions, finding and thoughts.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Great meeting and I really liked the video. A question for Sachin : How do you make sure the teacher focuses on the hidden side of stammering too and not just on the disfluencies ? E.g a student may be making a lot of progress on the emotional front but his stuttering may be increased as he is not using any kind of avoidance. What if the teacher tries to remind the tools again and again ?

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    @JP above: valid question. I am working with Abhishek. We conduct joint sessions (the school where you used to go). I am introducing Abhishek to psychological issues and counseling too.. So, I am hopeful that one person in school will develop holistic understanding of stammering and what to do about it.
    My experience is- any small initiative at school age- which acknowledges the problem and allows the child to talk about it- greatly helps the child to recover because his value system and self image is just beginning to form..
    Early intervention is always better than late ones..


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