TISA has received an email from a father, from Kenya. We are sharing relevant excerpts here for the guidance of pws and their families:

” My son had approached Mr. Dilip (D.K. Prasad- of Chinese miracle water fame). He found him conman, quakes & Fraud. Mr. D.K.Prasad is claiming that he cure Stammering 100% in 24 hours. ..”

I wrote below letter to Mr. Bagchi. You will understand this.

Dear Mr. Bagchi,
You are claiming in your web site that you will cure stammering in two weeks times. In year 2005, I came to india with my son utsav for stammering treatment. Before coming to India You have confirmed and assured me that he will be cured in two weeks time. So I decided to come to India and joined your esteemed stammering training centre.
After completing two weeks we were told that you have to practice for eight months then he
will be O.K. We were never told before joining this. My son is still stammering after 6 years. Still he is doing your techniques(Meditation, Visulization, Reading Aloud, Auto suggestion, Breathing etc.) what we had shown by you.
From us you had charge Rs. 4,300. Only for Rs. 4,300 you had called us from Kenya to India. And Result is zero.
Mr. Bagchi, I was not expecting from you like this. You are saying that you are Ex-stammer, from whom you have learned and how long you took to cure your Stammering ? Are you still doing all this practice (Meditation, Visulization, Reading Aloud, Auto suggestion, Breathing etc.) Mr. Bagchi, you are misleading the people by giving false Information. I guarantee you that no one in the world can cure stammering in two weeks. Your treatment can only controlling the stammering, not curing stammering, surely.
Mr. Bagchi, I am ready to pay double your fees if you cure my stammering in two weeks.
You can give me the e-mail no. of your student whom you have cured 100%.
Curing means – No need of practice (Normal people don’t do any practice). Can talk freely with anyone & any situation (Higher authority, opposite sex, in group etc.)
I appreciate if you can reply my mail.


Bankim Desai

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (October 15, 2011 - 6:27 pm)

    Sure cure in few days! is it a jock? is stammering so easy to cure? when we go to any speech therapist, first we have to make a written paper.

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