operated disfluency

Thing which i dislike most is dis-fluency ,i dont want to dis-fluent, not even in single word in a year.i feel lot of pain whenever i become dis-fluent either in fort of people or alone . suddenly question arises in my mind why dis-fluency giving me so pain and what factor working behind it ,alone dis-fluency is not so powerful which can ruin my life. after a deep thought and revising my past life i came to know that… I am getting pain because of two label which i attached with dis-fluency, they are1>feeling to intense inferiority complex while/after stammering and2>my listener will think how pathetic i am (i hate to be pathetic) so i realize basic problem is attaching wrong label with dis-fluency………….but same time it is very difficult to remove these labels and still working on it(soon post result of this work)…
fortunately i got one pdf file in our yahoogroup (Mind-To-Muscle Pattern) which can help to remove these labels…………..Mind-To-Muscle Pattern is 5 page file and one can complete this in 20 min(contain flow chat ect)


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, I recall Pam asking Vivek, if anyone has ever suggested that stammering (among men) was CUTE.. I mean, we can use other labels: He looks so cute when he stammers and acts a little confused.. She looked so cute trying to tell her name and getting stuck.. etc. Why dont we use such phrases?
    Hoping to learn from your experiments..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    So in the end, everything turns out to be nothing more than JUST thoughts and thoughts and more thoughts!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    very good post for those who want to work on acceptance… Thanks Lalit for sharing your emotions!


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