Can one day workshop help?

Stammering is a field rife with claims, counter-claims, guess, fMRI, genetic studies,  superstitions, old wives remedies etc. etc. You might see ads like “Cure stammering under nine minutes” and you will also find people supporting such initiatives! This makes a new entrant very skeptical, suspicious, doubtful and even cynical at times. What works? what does not work? What was simply a spontaneous recovery (as it happens in childhood)? What is well controlled stammering, but promoted as “cure”? etc.
A healthy dose of suspicion is necessary because commercial interests have further complicated this lack of authentic and “FINAL” information & confusion. So, TISA often asks people: what has worked for you? We posed the same question to Kundan, who attended one day workshop at Chandigarh and met sachin for counseling only thrice over a period of 9 months. Kundan thinks that one day workshop helped him a lot by changing his perception (about his own stuttering, its severity) and his ATTITUDE (about the place of stammering in his life).

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    (October 19, 2011 - 3:31 pm)

    Feeling g8 to see a young pws achieve so much in acceptance. you are the new inspiration for all young pws. Keep it up kundan!

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