Experiments with my Stammer!!!

Hello guys!!! i’m writing in the blog after a long time. Actually, i’m doing experiments with my stammer these days.i have given up using speech tools to modify the blocks.i was feeling pressurized 24*7 when using speech techniques. i was using these tools effectively in easy conditions but in feared situations, i failed to do so.That increases my frustration level up. i decided not to work on physical stammer but on mental stammer .also i came across a sheehan quote “speech techniques are act to avoid your stammer”.so,i’m not using speech techniques other than proper breathing.
i’m observing my stammer these days. “OBSERVATION CHANGES THINGS”.This idea came me from Ruth mead book “speech is a river”. so, i have decided to go for “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ” approach.i’m no longer working for modification of speech blocks.i’m understanding my thoughts, feelings, physiological and behavioural responses linked with my stammer. for this,i have started diary writing.i have heard a lot about the benefits of diary writing in recovery from any emotional pain. i can now feel the change in myself. i’m now able to organize my frustrated thoughts and calm outlook on life. In every night,i have something to record, a milestone reached, a struggle battled. i’m doing this from past month. Believe me, my mental struggle is much less now. i’m focusing more on my avoidances or substitutions or crutches i make because with ever avoidance or substitution i make, i’m reinforcing the mind thought that “stammering is a bad thing.
i have to avoid this at any cost”. now ,whenever i feel bad about something , i wrote it down in diary or share the same with my stammering buddies via facebook. it’s indeed very liberating. also,i”m going to start my youtube channel soon.Sorry for my bad english. i’m working on it.



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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Nice, Rajesh. Yes, there is something under the sun for everyone. Whatever helps us is fine. CBT and Diary writing- both have very solid basis for their efficacy. Stick to them for sometime and share your lessons with us..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    thanks rajesh for sharing ur experience ……… dairy writing is good practice specially when we are too high or too low. this will help us to what correct/incorrect measure we had taken to tackle high/low conditions….. reading someones experience gives motivation..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Nice change post Rajesh bro! keep it up..you surely will go high.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Great post Rajesh And yes observation in itself can be quite a liberating experience!


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