A long journey

Recovery from stuttering mindset is a long – long journey. Why this is so? Why cant 10 sessions with a therpaist or a two week course help? Because underlying beliefs and values take a lot of time to change. For example, you may read somewhere: “Stammering is cool”. You may intellectually understand it but it will take some of us months to understand what is really cool about stammering! Having understood it, then- going out and ACTING it out will take some more time! This is why one needs to have the mindset of an 18th century explorer, like Marco Polo or Dr Lingstone or Fahyan: “I am a traveler- on a long long journey. I will explore many things about myself. I will not be in a big hurry to reach point X and return home promptly. I will enjoy every moment of challenges and discovery along the way..”

But there are milestones, which let you know that you ARE progressing- not standing still or treading a mill. One such important milestone is: when you are able to talk about stammering- comfortably, with spontaneity, while facing a camera! Listen to Kundan, a young engineering student talking about his journey and what helped him forward, how he dealt with his biggest fears, his victories and debacles.. Young students will easily relate to him, as he talks about his battles during roll call.. and the solution he came up with! TISA encourages other pws too, to share their stories with us, in any format. This can be therapeutic, totally safe and free. And COOL!

Post Author: Sachin