Need company to Bhubnaeswar!!

Now its Dhruva, Me, Sumit and his parents travelling on 26th December 2011; I am looking at a figure of 20 stammerers traveling together from Delhi to Bhubnaeswar, We will take over a bogie 🙂

My TRAIN tickets to Bhubnaeswar are booked as follows (for Third AC):

1. 26th December 2011 (New Delhi to Bhubnaeswar): Bhubnaeswar Rajhani (Train no : 22812)
2. 2nd January 2012 (Bhubnaeswar to New Delhi): BBS RAJDHANI EX (Train no: 22823)
The train takes only 24 hours and there are still a lot of available seats! So why not go ahead and book your tickets and travel with me! (I will be carrying my laptop with a lot of good movies in it :-). It would be like our own small adventure.If you book your tickets by 20th November 2011 and send me your PNR number, TISA can pay your registration fees of Rs 1000 for the NC (Please use the scholarship only if you need it )
So stop whining about the higher airfares, and travel by train 🙂
Trivia: Dr Sachin and Mahatma Gandhi both used to travel by train!!


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Well that bit about me and Gandhi ji- I object to that- no comparison. In my estimate Anna comes pretty close. Gandhi ji was in his own league actually.
    But, yes, I traveled to Pune and chennai for Communication workshops by train..Still do, whenever I have to. No big deal. Last year, I learned a lot, interacted with many many many amazing young people on the three week all India rail yatra organized by Tata and Jagriti..
    So, I think your therapy will begin as soon as you board the train.. Even earlier, as you buy the ticket! So, have courage and take up the challenge..explore, discover, learn, grow, enjoy, LIVE!

  2. admin 8 years ago

    g8 j.p sir! I also want to attend NC but some doubts, that dates may fall in my exam time…but atleast i can book my tickets now..please tell me how much amount should i take to platform counter for ticket booking in same class with you?

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Umesh, just check indian railways website for the fares and trains 🙂

  4. admin 8 years ago


  5. Anonymous 8 years ago

    surat se train me 36 hours hote mere liye flight ke alava aur koi option nahi hai ..

  6. mitesh 8 years ago

    surat se 36 hours lagte flight ke alava mere liye koi option nahi hai..

  7. admin 8 years ago

    I have booked my tickets.
    Departure- BBS DURUNTO EXP,PNR-222-7938834
    Arrival- purusttam Exp, PNR-620-3251099


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