Bangalore TISA Meet

Well, on the historical day on 11.11.11; I decided to send out the invitation to meet on 11.12.11. Yup, it was a short notice and as expected no one was available. But, late night (which I checked next day morning) I received a mail from Sudhee… confirming his availability. We decided to meet at the place where we usually meets. Yup, we both normally meet on Sunday based on each other availability (which is atleast twice a month.)

1 We met at one of the many parks which HAL has within their surroundings. This time we met at the Park behind the HAL Police Station. We started with ususal discussion about the life.. Job & Family. We talked about the mediation and realized we both have same situation. We are able to medidate with concentration for 3-4min before the mind starts wandering… And mostly it’s the office thoughts which takes most of the time. The thoughts lasts for 10-15min before we realize.. we should be controlling our thoughts.

2. @Office :
a. Again the situation seems to be same for both of us. Example; if we have a meeting and we have few important points to make.. its in our mind. At that time the speech runs like Shatabdi express. At the end of the speech only we realize it could have been better.
b. Now, again in the same meet if we are un-prepared and suddenly someone ask something.. we are able to answer quicky with less stammer.

Therefore, points to be noted:
– When we have thoughts in back of our mind which we try to expect more of us and try to think more of stammering rather than actual speech.
– When we know the answer and someone suddenly ask that .. we are able to complete the speech with less difficulty.

Apart from that we normally discuss about the Emotional Freedom Technique, Acceptance, Freedom of Speech. I will be out for a Trek in next two week. Please contact Sudheendran for more TISA meet.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    I hope both of you are coming to the National conference too!

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Hey Tanoy- you lucky man!
    Going off on a trek? I think just two of us have this addiction. I just cam back from a mini-trek..
    Share your travelogue. Let our blog have something other than stammering once in a while..

  3. Sachin 8 years ago

    Coming back to "when someone asks suddenly in office..":
    My reading is- At subconscious plain, we have made up our mind NOT to stutter. On such occasions, mind says- dont stutter, come what may..
    And a struggle begins, which overtakes our mouth, tongue etc. If we could convince ourselves that I WILL stammer and it is okay- chances are, outcome will be very different.
    The way to do this is: starting from less challenging situations to more, do some voluntary a loose, slow, gentle, forward moving fashion- and soon after give yourself a treat (Ice-cream or whatever..)

  4. admin 8 years ago

    @JP: Sorry for late reply.
    We cannot confirm our presence currently. Based on other task, we will plan.

  5. admin 8 years ago

    @Sachin Sir:
    My trek post is on the way.. Will share it soon 🙂


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