TISA Patna!!

Mohit Kumar from Patna wants to start a SHG. This is a great opportunity for people in Patna. Here are his details :

And for all those of you wondering what to do in a SHG, check out the following links :


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  1. sikander 8 years ago

    Wow, Bihar has got its SHG. really a very good news. All the best Mohit. I really wish, a SHG should also start in Jharkhand. Next year I am planning to go Jharkhand and will try to form a group there.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Mohit, a good way of letting people know that you are available- make a video, stating, why you think a SHG in Patna is important.. and host it here..
    Also, tell a little bit more about yourself to the readers of this blog : age, education, what therapy have you taken, what has helped, what has NOT helped etc. etc.

  3. Mohit Kumar 8 years ago

    i'll try my level best sachin…lets people of bihar come together to sought out the problem…
    Always this type of workshop held in big city..but no in bihar and jharkhand… i never attend any SHG,but through all ur support i defienetly learn..

  4. Mohit Kumar 8 years ago

    thnx a lot sikander..


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