trip to Mathura

Last Saturday I was in Mathura to attend friend’s sister marriage, their I met with a young 15 year old boy ,he was stammering .I asked my friend to arrange a formal meeting with that boy (he is cousin of my friend). My friend introduced us…then i asked some question like …..r u stammering since birth, how do u feel about this ,how this stared ,do u fell fear in class etc etc……..he told me that he is stammering since childhood and his stammering stared due to reaction of medicine during sever illness .he feel fear in class room but he continuously saying that he have no problem with stammering but i notice he is substituting words & avoiding some names etc. I told him that i also stammer & people use to make fun of me & lived a bad school life but now got help from a doctor and stammer less…now he started taking interest in our conversation but not asking any question.. He is in ninth’ std ,naive & from interior village of mathura. i was bit confused how to start like should i tell him bouncing ,prolongation or about acceptance…….i knew that follow up of technique or concept is nearly impossible so told him that he is not alone there are many pws like him & he has to fight with his fear & gave some example how he can fight with his fear also advised him to speak slowly and practice of slow speaking . At last I assured him he should feel free to call me any time …..Next day we visited some holy temple of mathura ,barsana….then back to delhi


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Lalit- you were perfectly right. i am sure the lad will remember this meeting. It might change his attitude.. For many people that is all, that is needed..
    Great! keep spreading the message in real world..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    I am sure this meeting has started his recovery process and his acceptance of himself! Well done Lalit. You were to do it only because you yourself are comfortable with your own stammer!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Very nice step Lalit! In my old days when I met a person who stutter, I started to avoid because I could not help him. But now I can show them a path to live a happy life.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    thanks sachin sir,jp ,umesh ur are source of my inspiration

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Honest efforts to make someone's life better; a noble cause…

  6. admin 8 years ago

    Great Lalit Sir!!
    I always have this problem while talking to some younger stammerers that how should I help them, what are the things they can follow to improve. And guess what you have just given me a very logical way to deal a younger person.

    Thanks a lot!


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