Shortness of breath and 45 days..

Hello sir, sir iss link (on Facebook, on Khan Market picture) mein jo rohit verma hain aaplog unko itne polite
way mein kyun respond kar rahe hain!! I have gone through his blog,
kuch fayde ka nhi dika.. Main wahan likhna chah rahi thi but I thot
other TISA people may object.
Sir aap rohit ji ko meri taraf se itna
bol dijiyega ke agar unki techniques itni hi achi hain toh unke blog k
follower kahan hai!!
Aur sabse badi baat stammering koi mazak nhi
hai k 45 days mein control ho jaye, toh phir toh duniya ka koi stammer
nhi karta na aristotel na newton na darwin na lenin na mr beans. Atleast
in sab ke paas toh mr rohit se jyada potential tha apni chhezon ko sahi
karne ka aur unpe gaur karne ka.
Unke hisab se stammering sirf
breathing control se sahi ho jati hai, but ITS ABSOLUTELY WRONG,
stammering kam karne k liye confidence aur neccesary modulation in voice
n pitch and patience sabse zaroori hai. Woh koi kisi ko nahi sikha
sakta, uske liye aaps mein baat karna aur chezon ko samjhna uski
practice karna zaroori hai. Stammerin koi superficial thing nhi hai woh
inssan ke zehen se jab tak nhi hategi tab tak woh cure nhi hoga.. TISA
andar se inssan ko shakti ya boliye accepting power sikhate hai dat they
proudly accept k yes dey do stutter.
Sir TISA inssan ko jeene ka jazba dete hain. I dont think iss jazbe se bada koi treatment nhi hai.
Sir main shayad apna msg sahi se aap tak nhi pahuncha payi hu, but i hope aap samjh jaenge.
Sir please aap log unka protest kijiye, unne jo kaha hai ekdam baseless kaha hai..
(A blog reader)

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Good to see people writing to TISA! I think may be Rohit's problem may have been short of breath and not stammering 🙂

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Mujhe lagta hai ki hum haklane wale kuchh jyada hi polite hote hai.. TISA to "Aggression sessions" shuru karne chahiye..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    pad ke achha laga ki ….people becoming more and more aware .rohit ji jaise logo ki dunkan ab jaya din tak nahi chalne wali hai 🙂

  4. admin 7 years ago

    I liked the thing you wrote about TISA .

  5. admin 7 years ago

    mera bhi dimag kharab ho gaya tha jab rohit ne mje apni wo sari techniques batayi thi..maine bachpan me kai saal reading ki or jor jor se bolne ki practice ki..but koi fayda nhi. Tisa show me the right way. Thanks to TISA!

  6. admin 7 years ago

    Really, good to see that non stammerers are also taking interest in TISA and its blog.

    Although, personally I don't think TISA should respond to such things because there are hundreds of such misleading organizations and if we would start protesting against each of them we'll be distracted from our prime motive which is to spread awareness in our society by educating people about stammering.

    And as far as Mr. Rohit Verma is concerned, I think this message from a person outside of TISA is in itself a big answer to what he claims and do.

    I sincerely thank her for this.

  7. Kamal 7 years ago

    This lady has done some PLAIN talking while all of other guys have been "politically correct".. wow! Women are truly empowered in this country…

  8. Sikander 7 years ago

    Thanks Ms………. for your comment on TISA Blog. We deeply appreciate you for raising the question. The main purpose of TISA is to spread awareness and motivate the stammerers to accept the stammering. Most of the time, acceptance is missing in us. Mr. Rohit Verma talks about cure of stammering. He must be having many techniqueso which can improve/control stammerring but the way he is exaggerating the concept 'cure' is absolutely not right. Even a good therapist never emphasize on cure. Even if you know many techniques to curb stammering, you are not get benefited unless you have acceptance of stammering. Let's motivate the people to accept the stammering. "Accept, initiate and overcome"

    We should focus on our motive of spreading awareness and acceptance rather protesting misleading claims.

    with regards

  9. admin 7 years ago

    Just enjoying the debate……

    Folks, don't mind it……maza aa raha hai sab padh kar…

  10. Rahul Das 7 years ago

    which interview…who s dis …please post da link

  11. admin 7 years ago

    Yeh Rohit kuon hai dosto!!!


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